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Nordica Jah Love Ski Boot - Men's


Pros: Comfortable after some fitting, Great power, skis like a race boot.

Cons: Crappy Buckles, Need bootfitter to adjust Cant.

This is the second of this series of boot i have owned, the first being the Supercharger Blower (terrible name but i loved the boot). I drive my skis hard and i love skiing fast, not quite racer fast. These boots give me the support I'm looking for and i can teach in them all day.I usually still go spin laps after class, and I'm happy to put them on the next day. I am sad to see that Nordica has abandoned this series of boots in their lineup. I will most likely go to Dobermans next. Downsides for me are the lack of cuff adjustments, It took a few tries before i found a bootfitter who knew how to change the cuff angle on them. the other small gripe is the Buckles seem kinda cheap, although they didn't break until i scraped them on a tree at moderate speed. Perhaps i'm expecting to much at that point.


Pros: Great control, perfect fit, nice look.

Cons: Cold, small liner defect

Got these at a super steal from a local shop clearing stock before this seasons gear came in. As a boot review I will just say this model fit my feet, get a boot fitter to fit yours and 90% of your problems are gone. Now if you have two boots that fit here's what sets this boot apart:


The boot is a Doberman 130 with a rubber bootboard instead of a solid plastic one, and nicer colors. It is a 98mm last and is snug fit. I have yet to have a buckle come undone on me, and the micro adjustable buckles do stay where you want them to. The liner is soft while still being firm to hold your foot into place. I will say this boot is cold, but I have heard that most performance boots are cold. If you find the boot too stiff at times there are removable screws on the back to soften it. I have both out currently, hitting the gym in the offseason probably would have been a good idea.


There isn't much to say besides it is a beefy free ski boot backed by a solid line from a solid company. 


Was skiing a -12 day and while I was attempting to pull off my boot the liner handle did rip out. Brittle plastic aside the shop will fix it for me and I think it was probably a one off defect.

Nordica Jah Love Ski Boot - Men's

The Nordica Jah Love may preach forgiveness, but despite a slew of comfort-enhancing freeride features, this boot is all business. Out of the box, this traditional-overlap boot boasts a poured-concrete 130 flex index and a medium-narrow last to give you precise, powerful control over the biggest, fattest skis you can find. On the softer side, the shock-absorbing rubber boot board, elastic power strap, neoprene toe box, and air-cushioned tongue let you wear the Jah Love all day long without feeling like a World Cup competitor.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 9.0050013-00-8U5-90883506727578
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 8.0050013-00-8U5-80883506727554
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 7.0050013-00-8U5-70883506727530
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 6.0050013-00-8U5-60883506727516
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 5.0050013-00-8U5-50
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 4.0050013-00-8U5-40
Color: Gold/Bronze, Size: UK 10.0050013-00-8U5-100883506727592
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