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Nordica Dobermann WC 150

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: holds the heel in place

Cons: none

    Well i have done some research on Nordica bots and went to many ski shops the Nordica unlike any other boot has a amazing heel tight system witch it keeps the skiers heel solid.  With a boot like Nordica as a race boot you could have as much room in the top of the boot as disiered because the back is tight witch is the most important aspect to a good raceing boot.  Key Key Key raceing boot not a good free ride boot Nordicas cause of there stiffnees can be uncomfortable to the first time skier if you are a freeskier and plan on going out all day  on the slopes use solomn good comfortable boot


Pros: Its a race boot

Cons: Its a race boot

Race boots are a love hate relationship  (I laughed about the guy who talked about trying to take them off, yes wait for at least 30 minutes inside)  

It distresses me to see people who get suckered in to buying them to satisfy the own ego.  So here is so friendly advice.


1 You must be able to bend them or don't own them (if you don't know what that means stop here) 

2 Cold (low volume boots always are)

3 Be good friends with the boot fitter (hope they are good) bring your wallet if you want best results (extra 200 400)

4 once you tame the dragon you will always have a pair ready to rip!


There is noting shameful about a 110 (I own some  Dead Monies I think they are like a 90 and love them as much as my Fischer RC4 150)  It is and always be about have the best time possible.




Pros: Awesome, good liner, 150 flex

Cons: 150 flex

Such an awesome boot I got to play with for a while today.  Little tight so I'd def suggest boot fitting, but for a race boot it's top of the line.


Pros: Performance, Control, Comfort

Cons: Cost

 I actually have the Aggressor WC 130, which has a more conventional liner, rather than the lace-up "sock". I've also put in a Superfeet cork custom footbed. Never mind about boot stiffness, as this can be customized, as I have done to mine. Now this boot is designed to be a slim fit which works for me. I find that the boot is very comfortable, but I typically only buckle up when skiing hard. I'm still in somewhat of a break-in period with the liner so my forefoot buckles are rarely done up. I have a high arch foot which is bad for any ski boot and will be shaving down my shell bed 1-2mm for better comfort. I'm a Level III ski instructor and Level II coach certification and find this is the best boot I've had for some years. My previous boots were San Marco World Cup, Head World Cup, Dachstein Race, and Lange Tii (a classic). The shell sizing was key for me to pick this boot at it was suited to my foot shape. It's actually a very basic design except for the natural stance concept which I've found lets me start the turn on a rock solid train track arc at the immediate moment in the new turn (this feature really sets this boot apart from others in its class). This was something I could do with other boots, just not so naturally. My experience is that the Dobie's natural stance is it's standout feature, and everything else is executed as would be expected from a high-end race machine -no disappointments whatsoever. I also ski this boot in slow turns with my 4yr-old, bumps, mixed snow conditions, etc. On hard-pack, at speed, the boot ensures your complete control and confidence. The added bonus is that it's comfortable (for the right foot) and reasonably warm. I always wear Fox silk-thin ski socks. Hope this helps with your choice-making.


Pros: Precise and Responsive

Cons: Hard to get on and off

 I love these boots. I have a "C" width foot and the narrow last fits well. I must have a foot made for these, because they have required no grinding or punching. They hold my heel down securely and lateral fit is secure and snug. No pain anywhere. Very responsive. I was wary of buying and was prepared to have long sessions with my fit maven. Not necessary. They worked well immediately, right out of the box. 

My other boots are Full Tilt Bumble Bee Pros and Head RD96s (both are narrow lasted). The Dobies are the top dog in my pound.


Pros: Simple and back to bascis

Cons: A little stiff in the crud

Have the boots for 4+ years and only had to bet a new pair of liners.   The dobermann's rule, plain and simple, especially on the GS boards on hard snow. 


Pros: Performance

Cons: harder to fit

I've had a few pairs of Dobermans, they are the best

Nordica Dobermann WC 150

Technical Sheet: Shell Material: Polyether- SOFT Cuff Material: Polyether-SOFT Flex Index: 150 Liner: Laced Racing Fit Rear Spoiler: Quick Set

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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