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Nordica Dobermann PRO SL

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Nordica Dobermann PRO SL

Nordica's toughest models we have tested so far have been very good to ski on, leaving us with an excellent impression. This time as well, nothing much has changed. The main feature of Dobermann SL is its weight, the first thing you'll notice as you touch the ski. The design has been the same for years already, except for some cosmetic changes. Prevailing colors are still black, red, and white, with N stressed on each model. The representative of the slalom range for the next season comes in dominant white and black variant, revealing its purpose at the first glance. The trend of widening is also present with Nordica, and width enlargement of even half a centimeter over the past two years clearly denotes that new materials have less torsion stiffness despite width enlargement, which contributes to the ski's stability, buoyancy and calmness in turns. The ski is constructed using Full Twin V Active Ti, which provides for lessened flexion stiffness and enhanced distribution of power onto the ski's edges. In other words, it provides everything that all the producers are striving for. The system comes in cohesion with X Balance system of bindings pre-mounting, which makes the ski/plate/binding link all in one piece. Speaking of bindings, this model comes with N power Xbi bindings (DIN 5 - 14), or N Pro XBi bindings (DIN 3 – 12). Dobermann's core is completely made out of wood, which gives it desired flexibility and good vibrations absorption, but it also makes it very stiff. How does it reflect during skiing? It makes Domermann a master of speed. Its weight and its determination during entering a turn indicate that we're speaking of a race ski which won't tolerate inexperienced moves. The ski preformed great on hard packed and icy slopes, with almost no vibrations, or, if there were some, they were decreased to the fullest possible extent. However, a bit more effort that one would expect was needed for such result. The ski has to be pressed rather hard most of the time, and it has to be tipped onto its edges more extremely, which isn't most suited for everyone. There are no unexpected pulls out of the turn, so if your center of gravity isn't right, this ski won't surprise you by changing its direction. It is a pleasant surprise, making this ski suitable for a wider range of skiers. Dobermannn SL likes speed, sharp turns and steep slopes. However, his stiffness could pose problems for lighter skiers, as well as for those lacking technique. Since the ski is very responsive and of moderate flexion stiffness, we recommend it to skiers with solid carving technique, or to skiers (not necessarily heavy) who like speed and have excellent carving technique. For seasons already, Nordica is devoted to their way of producing skis; market results will show whether their decision is right.

LengthsSizes: 155, 165, 170 cm
Turn Radius
Core Material
Binding System
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
SidecutSidecut: 120-67-103
Additional Info
Model Year08/09
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
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