Nordica Beast 10


Pros: Comfortable and responsive

Cons: Not rear entry

 Before I bought my Beasts, I skied a pair of very high Nordica rear entry boots from 1983 until they broke in 2008.  Those rear entry Nordicas were the first comfortable and highly responsive boots I had owned in 16 years.  Up to that point I had owned lace boots, no name buckle boots, Raichles, various Nordicas and Dolomites.  All were painful and less than responsive.  I had owned 7 pairs of boots in 16 years and then had that one pair for 25 years.  When I got the Beasts, it took a few days to adjust to them.  They are the most comfortable boot I have ever owned.  They are just as responsive as the old Nordicas, after two days of relearning.  What they will never be is as easy to get on as the old rear entrys.  Those boots had one buckle and a velcros strap.  I still cannpt believe the Velcro lasted for 25 years, but it did.  I also like the higher upper on those boots.  But aside from taking an extra minute to get on, these Beasts are a Beauty.

Purchased from Ski and Bow Rack in Pagosa Springs, CO. Larry is a great boot fitter. He takes a lot of time to be sure it fits right.


Pros: Feels like it was made for me

Cons: Would like a nice ski/walk feature

Haven't had them on snow yet so the rest will have to wait.
Nordica Beast 10

Nordica Beast 10 Ski Boots 2009: The Nordica Beast 10 boots are part of the Speedmachine boot family. The Speedmachine collection was designed to offer the ultimate high performance experience coupled with the comfort to enjoy it all day long. It truly is the culmination of performance and comfort. The Nordica Beast 10 boots features a Comfort Fit lining, which is less elastic for greater comfort as well as a Heat Ready Liner that works with most of the heating systems on the market. The Nordica Beast 10 boots will fulfill your desire for dicing the front side of the mountain.

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