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Focus on activities, not your headphones or handset! Noisapp is a new motion tracking app that automates your music volume based on your motion. Noisapp turns your music volume up when you are moving, and turns it down when you stop moving or slow down. This way you can listen while you ride, and talk to your friends when you stop and on the lift, without touching your headphones or handset. Noisapp frees your hands allowing you to focus on activities, events, people, and more. Noisapp enables you to seamlessly listen to music when you start moving, and talk to your friends, or just be more aware of your surroundings when you stop or slow down, without messing with your headphones or handset. While Noisapp was built for skiing and snowboarding, it can be useful for mountain biking, cycling, running, walking, or driving; It works with essentially all activities involving music and motion. Noisapp's core function of automating your volume can be configured to fit many different riding styles and activities. Users can configure several parameters within the app's settings, which enables it to be used under a wide variety of circumstances. The main settings include: On Volume: Volume level while in motion. Off Volume: Volume level while stationary. Fade Speed: Speed in which the music volume is faded in and out. Sensitivity: Movement threshold that will activate motion tracking. In addition to these parameters Noisapp GPS mode allows users to set a MPH (or km/h) threshold at which their music turns up and down. This mode is ideal for activities involving long periods of smooth (constant velocity) motion. In GPS mode, the app will measure your max speed so you can easily decided where your speed threshold should be. It works with any media player* (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc). This means the application works with whatever music you already listen to on your phone. Noisapp is available for free on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and can be found on the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store. Links to each app store, and demo videos are available on Noisapp's landing page: You can also follow Noisapp on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Note: iPhone users must allow Noisapp to use location services to run in the background. *Windows Phone users must have music on their device.

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