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Nitro Anthem Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Nitro Anthem Snowboard Boot - Men's

Lace up the Nitro Men's Anthem Boots and prepare yourself for mountain-dominating board riding. An inner liner lacing system and a directionally patterned heel cup eliminates foot movement when you need to finesse your board off a jump. Traditional laces on this Nitro snowboard boot's exterior eliminate pulleys and widgets that tend to break just at the time you want to ride the three feet of pow that fell overnight.

Recommended UseAll-mountain snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] QXE (rubber)
Lacing SystemTraditional
Removable LinerYes, moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 10.084814500-004-28883506216874
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 10.584814500-004-28.5883506216881
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 11.084814500-004-29883506216898
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 11.584814500-004-29.5883506216904
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 12.084814500-004-30883506216911
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 12.584814500-004-30.5883506216928
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 13.084814500-004-31883506216935
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 8.084814500-004-26883506216836
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 8.584814500-004-26.5883506216843
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 9.084814500-004-27883506216850
Color: Black/Clash Cyan, Size: 9.584814500-004-27.5883506216867
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 10.084814500-002-28883506216492
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 10.584814500-002-28.5883506216508
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 11.084814500-002-29883506216515
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 11.584814500-002-29.5883506216522
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 12.084814500-002-30883506216539
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 12.584814500-002-30.5883506216546
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 13.084814500-002-31883506216553
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 8.084814500-002-26883506216454
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 8.584814500-002-26.5883506216461
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 9.084814500-002-27883506216478
Color: Black/Undefeated, Size: 9.584814500-002-27.5883506216485
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 10.084814500-003-28883506216683
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 10.584814500-003-28.5883506216690
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 11.084814500-003-29883506216706
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 11.584814500-003-29.5883506216713
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 12.084814500-003-30883506216720
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 12.584814500-003-30.5883506216737
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 13.084814500-003-31883506216744
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 8.084814500-003-26883506216645
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 8.584814500-003-26.5883506216652
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 9.084814500-003-27883506216669
Color: White/Black/Gold, Size: 9.584814500-003-27.5883506216676
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