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Never Summer Raptor X Reviews


You Don't Ride the Raptor, It Rides You!


Pros: RC profile, speed, carbonium topsheet, 3 year warranty, edge hold, float in powder

Cons: Price, theft magnet, weight

  I’ve been riding for 12 years and have never stepped on a stick as nice as the Never Summer Raptor.   When you point the board downhill, it’s like a jet engine between your feet. You don’t realize how fast your going on this thing until you’re down the hill in 60 seconds. The Raptor absorbs chatter extremely well, and the Rocker/Camber profile is quite stable at high speeds. This board makes black diamond groomers really fun.   I ripped into some powder at Rocky Mtn National Park with 10” of fresh and it performed beyond expectation. The R/C profile floats with ease, and the weight distribution on your back foot is minimal.  You’ll feel like your...
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