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Nancy Greene On the Edge


Pros: Super inspiring skier

Cons: Somewhat uninspiring presentation

Nancy Greene was an Olympic and World Champion ski racer from Rossland, B.C., a funky little town just up the highway from where I grew up in Spokane, where there's a fantastic ski area called Red Mountain. This film follows the illustrious career of the plucky kid who won more World Cup ski races than any Canadian ever, earning the World Cup title in 1967 and 1968, and winning a silver in Downhill and a gold in Giant Slalom at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics.

Her impressive career as a ski racer has actually been eclipsed by what she has done with her life since her retirement at age 24. Today her fame springs from being the namesake and public face of the Nancy Greene Ski League, where virtually every Canadian ski racer gets his or her start in racing. She arguably was the first female ski racer to launch a very successful career in sports marketing from the springboard of ski racing. 

Whereas Nancy Greene is a household name in Canada and a local hero in the Pacific Northwest, her story may be less familiar elsewhere. This video tells her story very well but suffers somewhat from the lack of film footage of her racing exploits, which is probably because there wasn't much there. 

This dvd would be a valuable addition to a complete ski library.

Nancy Greene On the Edge

Released in time for 2010! For Nancy Greene, doing the best you can meant winning the most world cup ski races by any Canadian ever. At the 1968 winter Olympics in the French resort of Grenoble, doing the best she could meant winning gold and silver medals. And with that success, Nancy Green became a household name across Canada and throughout the skiing world. Follow the story of this determined woman from her early years on skis in Rossland BC to her rise to Olympic and World champion. Never in Canadian skiing has there been such an inspiring woman who has done more for the world of skiing than Nancy Greene. And for many Canadian champions who have followed Nancy down those icy slopes, she remains their role model and inspiration. Production Date: 1996 Length: 44 Minutes Format: 4 X 3 Fulll frame

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