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Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe Reviews


hidden tahoe gem


Pros: chutes; easy access to back side

Cons: not all that big; farthest drive from SF

This is a hidden gem in Tahoe - no one knows about Mt. Rose really but it is an awesome mountain. First off, two-for-Tuesdays means a $35 lift ticket.  That is the best deal you will get, anywhere short of season pass. The chutes are INSANE.  It was a 60 degree day when I was there but the chutes had perfect winter snow because they are always in the shade.  You can only do one run at a time on the chutes (unless I missed how to get back there from the lift which took me to the backside high speed 6) so make it count...but this is great west coast skiing There's a high speed lift on both the front and back side both going to the peak so you can ski either side of the mountain at any time,...
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Awesome resort


Pros: Close to Sparks (home)

Cons: Very windy

Had 2 years ago, awesome skiing, the chutes are killer. Close drive, but the top is very, very, very windy.

Great Little Mountain


Pros: close to reno, rarely crowded

Cons: Windy

Has everything from grooms to glades to chutes all in a nice little package.  Any terrain you are looking for is available from summit.  If the snow is descent, I would rank it right up there with it's bigger brothers.  The only draw is that since its the highest in Tahoe, it sometimes gets alot of wind putting the summit lifts on wind holds.   All in all a great mountain!

Mount Rose, Reno


Pros: Not crowded, family friendly

Cons: Very small and a bit out of the way from other Tahoe resorts

Super family friendly and definitely local locals resort.  The bonus is that the runs are fantastic as you get the highest elevation in Tahoe.  Snow’s a bit lighter (maybe not), but the crowds certainly are.  Great double black chutes that will be fun all day.  Rest of the mountain very friendly to all other levels Shouldn’t have reviewed it so that I can go myself and get fresh tracks all day

Great Treat for the Locals


Pros: Close to Reno, off the beatn' trail, great for day trips

Cons: Not as massive as some other Tahoe resorts (that could be a Pro)

Even though I havn't been in a while, I hold Mt Rose close to my heart. I learned to ski there when I was 3 and continued to go back over the years (even though I live on the east coast). It's a great local joint that's a short drive from Reno and an even easier drive from South Reno (where I usually stayed).  There's more than enough challenging terrain for the immediate skier and plenty of areas for novices and families to stretch out without fear of getting mowed over. There's not a whole lot there besides the mountain, snow and chairlifts, so if you are looking nightlife, I'd head closer to Tahoe or try your luck in Reno.