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Mt. Hood Meadows Reviews


Night Rain


Pros: No Crowds

Cons: Damp

Skiing in the rain in Oregon is like everything else you do in Oregon, you just learn to do it in the rain. Although it maybe raining at the base a person can find some good conditions somewhere on the mountain.   

oh Mt. Hood meadows...



Cons: people, price, skiing fast

whenever reading reviews about mt. hood meadows you will find tons of comments that have nothing to do with skiing.  people instead chose to write about the poor customer service and high price.  The fact is (and it is a fact) MHM has the best terrain and best snow on mt hood.  Which is unfortunate, because MHM does so many things to stop you from going back.  Here is a list of them- high priced tickets (at least compared to ski bowl).  There employees seem to be neither laid back or helpful, kinda uptight and unprepared.  Crowds, its not just the line up at the lifts, it is really seen on the runs, there is nowhere to turn.  This one isn't MHM fault but is worth mentioning, on the best...
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