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A Review On: Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy

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Pros: ski it if you can mentality

Cons: Needs natural snow to open

There are only two mountains in the socal area that are worth visiting for the out of state skier its this place and mt watermen. Unfortunately with the frequent lack of snow here in socal this mountain rarely opens it depends on natural snow to cover the runs. There is a nice beginner section nestled in the valley here, but it's the rest of the mountain that when it opens will get a flood of hotshot skiers flooding here. There blue runs here are more along the lines of Utah. Also, the lift tickets are much more reasonable I usually get mine off liftopia. The place is really laid back


More detailed Resort Guide I wrote in 1999:
Nothing has changed in terms of facilities so my comments/analysis are not obsolete in any way.
I guess what has changed is the length and severity of the current SoCal drought.  Baldy has never been as much as half open since 2011 and the last good season of full operation for several weeks was 2009-10.
Nonetheless when it's good Baldy is the only true big mountain skiing in SoCal.  For TR's showing Baldy at its check out the ones from 1998 and 2001 here:
I lived in Los Angeles for 6 years, and fell in love with Baldy.  The season was short, but the terrain was awesome. The place is such a throwback. Only once was I lucky enough to ski the lower left hand side down to the bottom of the lower lift in actual powder (as opposed to spring) conditions.
I moved away before Waterman reopened, so never got the chance to check it out, but I heard it was great.