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Mt. Bachelor Reviews


Fun place to ski


Pros: Good for intermediate to advanced skiers

Cons: Summit Lift closed more than open, windy, fogged in

I went to Mt. Bachelor with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (skicmsc.org) for their annual Chicago Week trip.  We were there the week of February 21-28, 2015.  We had 125 people on the trip with the group staying in Sunriver.  Sunriver was awesome, their staff performed outstanding for our group!   Unfortunately for Mt. Bachelor it has been a down year for snow, though they are holding up the best in the Northwest US.  Mt. Bachelor had been experiencing spring like weather for a few weeks before our group arrived.  The snow conditions were hard packed/icy the first two days we skied.  On the third day it warmed up, the winds calmed and the sun was...
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Great terrain, unbelievable snow, great people! Uncrowded exciting skiing.


Pros: 86" snow the week before we got there and 24" while there. Lots of back country and tree skiing to explore. Excellent hike to Cinder Cone!

Cons: Not a lot of night life, and its not a real destination resort, but that isn't what I went all the way to Oregon to do. I went to ski, and ski I did.

Don't miss taking a trip to Mt Bachelor. You will never regret being able to ski a dormant volcano. The view from the top towards the "Three Sisters" is amazing. The people in Bend, Oregon are wonderful, and welcome you in kindly. The snow was amazing. The out of bounds skiing is awesome and they have a husky sledding trail all the way around the base of the mountain, so you only have to hike to it and then back out. I know, my buddy and I had two hr excursion of our very own. Was quite awesome. All around a wonderful trip.

snowed hard


Pros: lots of snow

Cons: best terrain closed during storms

I liked the mountain but the steepest parts were closed when there, wind? Almost couldn't get out of the parking lot one day it snowed 9+" during the day.

Nice Intermediate Hill


Pros: Large mountain, lots of area, beautiful scenery.

Cons: Not much variety, not very steep, the worst food I've ever bought anywhere, including school lunch, the peak chair doesn't open much, it's windy a lot

 I've been to Bachelor twice and been skunked both times.  The first time it was wet and almost rainy and the peak was not open.  The second time it was cold, cold, cold with no new snow for quite a while and the peak only opened for a couple of hours over our three day stay.  So take this review with that in mind. I'm afraid I wasn't impressed.  First, the terrain seemed fairly much the same everywhere.  I couldn't figure out what the difference was between a blue and a black trail.  That's what you get for skiing on a volcanic cone.  I would have given almost everything a blue rating.  I wasn't there on a powder day, and I'll say that it looks like the place could be amazing when that...
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Expensive luxury, but worth it -- like a BMW is worth it...


Pros: Terrain, snow quality, size, the Summit!

Cons: $&@# Expensive this year, and a long drive from the valley...

Let me get this out right away -- I love Mt Bachelor.  Even though we have to leave home at 6 to get there anywhere near opening time, it's always exciting to finally pull in.  If the snow is at all good -- and we won't bother with the 135-mile drive if it's not! -- you know you're in for more skiing than you can probably handle in a day. I do not have a lot of experience on the eastern side, though I do know I've had a lot of fun over there with the various runs rolling through the trees, occasional shots between the runs, and the different terrain parks (though at 43 I'm not a modern park skier, by any means, but I will go big and throw something old school like a twister-spread if the...
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