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Mountain Creek Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best terrain about 1 hour from NYC


Pros: Good intermediate terrain variety and great terrain park

Cons: VERY crowded on weekends

Mountain Creek is the best place in the area that has real trails.  Several other places nearby; Mt. Peter and ThunderRidge may be a little bigger than the size of your driveway and are only good for learning how to ski.  A couple of trails here with some steep pitch that can compare with the big dog resorts up in New England (Grand Prix and Pipeline).   Pipeline has not opened this season and hopefully they will commit to getting this trail open again because it is their steepest.  This season they removed terrain park features from Bear Peak which was a great move and moved their race program over to this section of the mountain.  They've been...
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Negative Reviews


Mountain Creek Ski Resort


Pros: close to metro NY

Cons: small, low altitude, can get extremely crowded

Okay, I have made it abundantly clear how much I hate Mountain Creek, the long lines (parking, ticket windows, lockers, rentals, food....you name it), over run by wreck-less snowboarders, over crowded, long walk from parking lot, usually bad snow (ice shavings, sugar), small boring trails, low vertical,  novices everywhere, a weird stand up gondola called the Cabriolet which drops you off on pavement that is 200' from the actual snow...gravel all over the trails...a real nightmare of a ski area.  So how does this place stay in business you might wonder. Well I got there Saturday morning from Merrick Long Island, in 1 hr and 10 minutes, my navigation said it should have taken me 2+...
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It's good, but I wouldn't go their normally.


Pros: .Close to NYC .Decent slopes (when not icy) .Great for beginners

Cons: .Crowded .Super icy and choppy .Not that challenging

I went to Mountain Creek with my school's ski club a bunch of times this year and I have to say I wasn't all that impressed. The terrain wasn't remotely challenging and if there was any challenge to be had it is from how icy everything is.

not as bad as its press


Pros: close

Cons: alot of people

i write review from novice perspective first of all.  i am proficient at getting up and down the mountain without killing myself or anyone else for that matter.  places skied gatlinburg, tenn various pa resorts idaho lookout pass and mountain creek pros there are three peaks at mountain creek and all are skiable to from any base.  the trails are all pretty wide open and they have alot of room to maneuver around the slower individuals should you choose. i went recently so the crowds were down and we just had alot of snow so base and conditions were good.  the north has a gondola for the beginning skier so they can get up the mountain and at least on their skis with no fear of falling off...
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I Live 10 minutes away and I drive to Hunter


Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything

I once saw Tomba ski down coblestone streets. That is a better option than skiing at Mountain Creek My wife's cousin gave me a three days pass for a present. That was a waste of money! Wont even ski for free! The snow sucks, the crowds suck, and more runout than a hotel on fire. I was in a pizza place down the steet and there was a guy there with his wife and kids. They were all "decked out" in top $$$ ski wear. I asked him how the skiing was and he told me how great the bunny hill was after his lesson. His wife was acting like she was in Aspen so I had to throw a few digs a the beotch. I live 10 minutes away and I drive and hour and a half to hunter. Way better. Good verticle and you can...
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What a dump.


Pros: None.

Cons: Small, crowded, dangerous, rude and ugly to boot.

Probably the worst ski area in the history of the world.

Like seeing an old girlfriend walking the streets


Pros: Close to NYC-good for boarders

Cons: Hacked up hill, SPORES galore

  I learned to ski at Vernon Valley and Great Gorge.  These were the precursors to "Mountain Creek".  This used to be a crowded but very family friendly hill.  Over time, and many owners, it has been hacked to bits.  The formerly wide open Great Northern, a nice blue on one side is now a "for pay" board park.  The many sweet blues and light blacks in the front were taken over one by one for water parks and now unused attractions. The one traverse slope cutting across the face of the hill is now the main slope, grossly overcrowded and skis off quickly.  Toss in the many, many buses of first time skiiers and the fun begins.  This may have the highest skier density I've ever seen-and no one...
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Wear a helmet


Pros: great ski patrol

Cons: poor trail layout

 You will be happier going to Hidden Valley.  All the boarders are at South so no more Kamikazi.  I stopped skiing there when I realized I didn't want my kids to learn to ski there (I had free family passes as a volunteer employee).  I'm glad I left.

Save your money


Pros: more terrain than other mountains in the area

Cons: little snow, expensive, tons of out of control boarders

just....dont, drive to elk or belleyare instead.