Mount Snow Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Mountain Great people


Pros: Close to NJ/NY, Variety of terrain, friendly people, Great snow

Cons: can get crowded, need to work on after hour amenities

I have been going to Mt. Snow for almost 10 years and the new ownership has really improved the mountain a lot.  They have put in over 10 million or something like that into snow making and groomers.  There is another lift or two ready (6-pack to the top is the rumor) to go up this summer and looking down the road there is more to come.   Now to the Mountain There is a great variety of terrain, from easy trails like ridge and snow dance to ripcord which has one of the steepest in VT.  There is plenty of glades if you know where to look (they took them off the trail map)(the glades on north face and sun brook are really fun and the glades between trails at...
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Fantastic family resort w/ low key New England vibe


Pros: Best VT access from NY & NJ, great place for kids

Cons: $79 lift tix a bit steep - this isn't the Wasatch.

I just can't say enough great things about this mellow little resort. My personal predilections are for resorts that are huge, sick, steep, & deep. Mt Snow is none of that, but when I'm here with my wife and two little girls, I'm all smiles. The village is cozy, tidy, & well run, with a lodge scene that is like a throwback to Norman Rockwell America. Got a backpack with $1500 worth of gear in it? Toss it in a corner. It will be there when you get back. Try THAT at Squaw!   Our kids love this place, and we're happy it's a big step up from the Poconos & Catskills on all fronts: Mt. Snow moves skiers well, does a fine job with snow-making and grooming, and...
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Negative Reviews


Mount ?


Pros: Dont exist

Cons: Carinthia

I have skiied Mt. Snow a few times thinking i could convince myself to liking it. It never worked... My review is based on a skier who catches the first chair of the day and does not stop for lunch. I guess you could call it hard core i just call it skiing. The mountain has little terrain variation, and the only nice part of the mountain they turned into a complete terrain park. Who runs this place a bunch of teens ? The cost of this mountain makes it hard to justify the price of a ticket. MT. Snow if you want to run with the big dogs act like a big dog. This mountain belongs in NJ for its chaos factor. And for those of us who like a challenge or steeps there are no steeps. Now if the...
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Wuss mountain


Pros: terrain park

Cons: easy terrain, crowded, expensive,

The mountain has no character this is yuppie skiing at its worst. No hard terrain all groomed. No moguls. Not much tree skiing. Nothing like skiing should be in my opinion. Unless you want to hang with snowboards stoned out of thier minds on the half pipe or ski sub par terrain I do not advise going here. This is from someone that skis Mad River Glen 20 + times a year. I like un groomed moguls and natural skiing so if thats what your looking for stay away from corporate MT. Snow. Go to Magic in southern Vermont. 

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Good intermediate terrain/hill contours; Good terrain park but can be poorly maintained especially weekdays


Pros: Lots of intermediate terrain

Cons: Little beginner or progression terrain; Terrain park build are sparse and simple; Icy; No mid mountain chairs

Stayed at Grand Summit Sunday to Friday. Great hotel. People will enjoy it's comforts. North was nice but 50% closed, so I was disappointed. Lots of intermediate terrain but it was icy, poor grooming based upon my experience elsewhere, no snow grinding up machinery used to cut into the ice/hardpack. Beginner runs of which there are very few are almost like bowling alleys with many people going too fast. Sunbrook many runs were closed and inaccessible. Terrain park was a let down. We had high expectations but there were ruts left from previous days, lots and lots of death cookies, 20 or more features were not installed and the density of features was low, some runs had 3 features...
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great mountain, love it


Pros: snow making, trails, wide mountain, terrain

Cons: price, lines, sometimes crowded, lack of good restaurants in the area

i love this mountain, been skiing there since i was 2, so a total of 18 years so far! it has trails for everyone, easy and hard, ripcord for the best! great tree skiing when there is powder and the parks are rated the best in the east. this is the only mt i go to every year, and wont stop. the bad part is the price of the ticket cost so much! luckily I have a college pass! the night life is okay, you just need to know where to find it. as far as fine dining in the area, it is hard to find. Mount snow does have some great events though. They have hosted the xgames twice, the dew tour twice, and have great events every year. this year they are even hosting the finals to the mountain dew...
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Pros: Huge Terrain Park, Tons of Snow Making, Amazing Grooming, Friendly People, Really Fun Runs

Cons: Expensive Lunches

I have been skiing there for a very long time and I love every second of it. My only problem is the price of food. It's pretty bad. If you can, I would suggest bringing your own food. Other than that, amazing trails and lots of diverse runs. It's a lot of fun.

Best hill south of K-Mart


Pros: steeps (relatively), great snowmaking, borders have their own area

Cons: Proximity to NY and NJ. The weekend Joisey crowd.

Mt. Snow is the best hill south of Killington, unless there's been a dump of real stuff, then just go direct to Magic, and forget everything south of MRG and Sugarbush. It's not a complete poser's hill like Flatton or Nokemo, and when conditions are OK, Ripcord is a taste of vertical. The tree skiing is also decent on the North Face. They made a completely different area for the knuckle draggers over on the south side of the place, so they scrape off all the topping somewhere completely separate from where civilized people go. There's also a lot of "areas" at Mount Snow, so just about everyone can find something they really enjoy. On weekends the NY/NJ crowd can spoil this area as they...
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popular and fun


Pros: fast cruisers

Cons: weekend crowds

I coined the word "glitzy" because of Mt Snow. Back in the 60's they had a heated outdoor pool (near the bar), and indoor ice skating. Need i say more? Close to Boston, tons of people on weekends. I think it was in 1968 they opened the trail Jaws, then called Jaws of Death. Great name. It was so narrow, I couldn't get down the top part without my Fisher Alu 205cm ski tails hitting the trees on the side of the trail. ALL the trees had "tail marks" on them! That was fun. Then they made it wide & named it "Jaws". Oh, well. Still - tons of lodging around Dover, and a nice hill. Nothing really steep, but a fun place.

My home (mountain) away from home


Pros: WIDE variety of terrain

Cons: Can be crowded

Mount Snow...a place where Ive spent most of my adolescent winters. Theres something for everyone here. Beginners will find nice wide bunny hills, and long cruisers (see Long John/Deer Run). Advanced skiiers should head to the North Face ASAP for some great runs. For those seeking pipes and parks, head to Carinthia where you'll have a whole mountain face dedicated just for you guys. Since it is the biggest/closest mountain to NYC in Vermont, sometimes it can get a little crowded, but really no more than any other VT resort. I think crowds are just an unfortunate part of the east coast . Nightlife is decent. The Snow Barn, and The Silo are 2 of my favorites. There are some good places if...
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Beware the crowds


Pros: close to the cities

Cons: close to the cities

It's one of the bigger resorts in Southern Vermont so it can get pretty crowded as it is quickly accessed from MA, CT or NY.  The North Face has most of the more interesting skiing for advanced skiers/boarders.  It can be a little less crowded too.  Glade skiing is not really the focus of this place.