Mount Bohemia Reviews


Best unresort in the central US


Pros: everything

Cons: none

If you like to ski natural snow in a natural setting, Bohemia is for you. If you're looking for anything else - and I do mean anything - you won't find it here. No snowmaking, no grooming, two slow lifts (usually one is shut down or getting repaired - the place only really needs one lift and the bus anyway), no nightlife, no food, no park, no crowds, no ski school, no NASTAR, no base lodge, no joke. There is, however, usually plenty of fresh snow and the cheapest season pass in the universe. Although there is some really cool backcountry to be had near the hill, all the runs at Bohemia start at the top and eventually lead down to a lift or the bus that picks you up along the road - no...
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Cons: Really not much of a base lodge

This is the type of hill you dream about if you live in the midwest and are always looking for something more. Nothing compares to this anywhere in the midwest. It is truely expert terrain top to bottom. About a 900 ft. vertical that used 100%. Feels much bigger then it is. Being its location it gets dumped on through out the season. Usually 260+ inches every year. Not too many days go by that they don't get snow. No grooming here and not much for cut runs. For the most part its a big glade. Make your own path through the trees. Many cliff drops and one that pushes that 30+ ft. area. Really the only place in the midwest to experience powder. This place is worth the drive if you live in...
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JH of the Midwest


Pros: Pretty much everything

Cons: Nothing for beginners or intermediates, middle of nowhere, doesn't have the elevation of mountain resorts

This place is amazing. Great snow conditions, great terrain comparable to that of JHole. Wacky Jackrabbit makes the Alta Chutes look shallow, it's got some decent small drops (<20 feet), not crowded at all. Perfect for expert skiers in the midwest, it's the only place in the midwest that compares to mountain skiing, and it surpasses a lot of mountain resorts. However, don't go here unless you feel comfortable on rocky mountain level double blacks and will enjoy a few days of nothing but blacks and double blacks. Nothing is groomed, but there are a few open runs (though you'll probably spend most of your time in the trees). The lake effect snow from Lac La Belle and Superior combined...
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