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Montage Mountain Reviews


Great Family Mountain


Pros: Nearby, Cheap Lift Tix, Fast Lifts, Good Steeps

Cons: Very Crowded, Can Be Very Icy, Lame Name, Wierd Layout

Sno Mtn = Montage Mtn.    The Good:  Relatively inexpensive lift tickets and great discounts on family nite, steep trails on the North Face (Smoke, Boomer, and White Lightning), long runs from the top, very easy access from major cities.   The Bad: Close to the cities means lots of crowds.  The snow they do get (and make) gets wind-blown and iced-up quickly.  Montage Mtn is split up in two areas: the upper mtn and the north face.  The upper mtn is quite flat (the bad), but the north face is quite steep by PA standards (see the good).

Good Ski Resort Near Scranton, PA


Pros: Not crowded, challenging terrain for PA, easy-going

Cons: Short runs, old lifts

Snö Mountain, formerly known as Montage before a change in ownership, is the closest mountain to Scranton, PA. Set a little further into the Poconos than the more popular mountains like Blue or Camelback, Snö tends to have a "local-mountain" feel to it, which comes with its pros and cons, of course, but for this Pocono hill, mostly pros! The first thing many people notice when they arrive at Snö is its parking lot and Lodge located mid-mountain. The mountain is actually effectively split in two, with the easier trails taking up the top two-thirds of the hill and the most challenging trails rounding out the bottom third. For those impatient to start skiing right away, this means you can...
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Good Area


Pros: Accessibility, Vertical Drop, Terrain Difficulty, Snow Making

Cons: Lifts, Lodge

I consider Sno to be my "Home" mountain. In any given year I probably ski other mountains more than Sno, but it is the closest major area to me. Sno's biggest asset in my opinion is their double black trails. When conditions are right White Lightning can be one of the funnest mogul trails to ski. It is one of the steepest trails I have ever skied, although due to being in the Poconos that still is not very long.    Sno has one of the best snow making systems in Pennsylvania. They made significant investments when the current ownership bought the mountain from the county. One area they haven't invested in is Lifts. The lifts are old and very, very slow. The one...
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