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Monarch Mountain Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: great snow/terrain/nolines

Cons: No school inSalidaonfridays

Stayed here love it.   http://www.vrbo.com/651694

Negative Reviews


ski patrol needs sensitivity training... lots of walking...


Pros: reasonably affordable

Cons: ski patrol needs sensitivity training... lots of walking required

I took my family to this resort three years in a row, because it was the closest to where my family lived.   I spent thousands each year.    Then, during our third visit, the ski patrol gave me and my family a hard time, getting up in my face with ridiculous machismo and threatening to revoke our paid passes, simply because we took an innocent little detour through an unroped,, well-worn path that went around a small stand of trees.  There was also no sign.  We were skiing and kids will be kids.  There did not appear to be any danger involved in it.     Not only were others doing it, but while I was being harassed by the jerk staff, more people...
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Monarch Mountain


Pros: Great snow, no crowds, great mix of terrain, Mirkwood

Cons: Lacking in vertical, weak in intermediate cruisers

 I really like this ski area.  You can't beat the natural snow.  With over 50% of the mountain black or double black (Ok, some of the black runs should be blue/black but they are still fun) there is plenty of terrain to keep you entertained, and the crowds by and large stay on the easier runs, so you often have them all to yourself.  The north facing bump runs stay nice and soft long after the last snowfall.  All of the runs funnel to a central location, so it makes skiing with your family a breeze.  Lessons are cheap by Colorado standards and the instructors we have had have been excellent.  The hike to Mirkwood terrain is an added bonus.  Again, not a lot of vertical but plenty steep...
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Beautiful locals mountain with lots of hike-to and hidden terrain


Pros: Unpretentious, varied terrain for all, staggering views, good food, free parking

Cons: Hard to get to, not huge vertical

Fell in love with this mountain all over again. Perfect family resort. No pretension but plenty of  big mountain views and fun terrain.   The trail map only shows a small part of what you can find if you just go look. Little crowds, so snow stays well after a storm. Good for family or group with varied ability as there is variety in both the beginner/intermediate and expert terrain that, as others have noted, all meets up at the same place. Somewhat reminiscent of Loveland.   Relatively low-cost cat skiing available on site. Hike to, controlled "side country" area called Mirkwood basin and other, easier mini hikes in and around the mountain for...
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Michael Conklin

Great for beginner/intermediate


Pros: snow, no lift lines, mountin layout, no attitude, cheap,

Cons: lack of good advanced terrain

This would be the perfect mountain to bring a family or large group to because it is never crowded and all of the runs funnel down to the same place.  Their motto is "lose the crowds, not your friends."  Would also be great for intermediate skiers.  If you are advanced you can certainly have fun but may find the mountain lacking.  The hike to basin is steep enough but isn't that long, you have to hike to it, and it gets fairly crusty. 

The nicest small mountain in Colorado


Pros: Fantastic snow, skis larger than it is

Cons: It's a small area, but that's not a bad thing

This area is one of my favorites. Just what a small ski area should be. Sort of like going back in time to when everyone was in not so much of a hurry to get anywhere. I really like the tree skiing here. Seems like you can go just about anywhere you want to. I didn't rate the terrain park since there wasn't one here the last time I skied here (yup, been a while, but I'm still planning on going back someday . . .) If you are learning to ski, or are a family on a budget, this place is great for a couple of day's vacation. And since it's a 3+ hr. drive from Denver, it doesn't get the crowds the front range does. A White Raven

Monarch is a great ski area


Pros: Small size makes it easy for familes and groups

Cons: Small size may get boring after a few days.

Monarch is a great small ski area. Lots of varied terrain.  A good mix  of greens, blues and blacks for families or groups. Often, you can ride the lift together ski for a ways, split left or right for a blue run or a green run, meet at the bottom, and ski on together to the lift.  On the other end of the spectrum is Mirkwood, our double diamond terrain. Always uncrowded, as it is a 15 minute HIKE (not for wimps, at 11,000ft) to get there.  The base area is small, easy to get around, with lots of places to meet, for a meal. Either at a restuarant or brown bagging it.  The newest feature that seems kind of unique is the K2 Organic Terrain Park. The organic part is that all the hits are...
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