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Moment Deathwish Ski One Color, 190cm

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Nimble in the powder, handles crud with ease, able to make it back to the lift on the hardpack

Cons: Barely fits in gondola ski slots

The 2013 Moment Deathwish dimensions are 138-112-129 for all lengths.  I bought the 191 cm version, which has a 27m turn radius (me, 54, 6'5", 200 lbs).  The Deathwish comes with Dirty Mustache rocker, which is a funky design made to concentrate the skier's weight at 4 points along the ski.  The short story is that it is designed to make an otherwise fat powder ski handle the hardpack better than a straightforward full rocker camber ski.  Two days of testing in two types of conditions tell me this ski performs as designed.  I mounted Head RFD 14 bindings set 1 cm behind center.   The 2014 Deathwish comes with different graphics, but otherwise is unchanged.


First day - Alta and Snowbird - no snow for a couple of weeks, 55" base.  No real powder to be found on either mountain, maybe a little windblown here and there.  Like any fat ski this wide, you'll feel more pressure at your boot tops to make it dig in.  This ski skids a turn fine, without the hookiness that the weird camber might induce.  I really couldn't say I railed anything, no deep trenches even at speed.  Set this ski next to a 180 cm carver ski, and you'll see the Deathwish puts considerably less edge down due to the twin tip full camber.  I flew over small moguls filled in with windblown effortlessly in Mineral Basin, which was about the only time I felt like this ski was an improvement over a front side carver given the conditions.  Speed limit wasn't found, but really not attempted either.


Second day - Jackson Hole - 7" of freshies over a 77" base.  Packed powder off the gondola, playing around the edges of runs under Thunder and Sublette uncovered this ski's true nature.  A nimbleness surfaced that wasn't apparent on the hardpack.  First tram ride took me past closed Corbets down to the Hobacks, the ultimate intended target, why I bought these skis.  Heading south to the resort boundary put me on slightly cut up powder with some hard moguls underneath.  The Deathwishes were in their element, bounding over the fluff.  TIght trees in the Moran Woods, another lower mountain foray into Rawlin's Bowl, a final Hoback run all handled with aplomb.  The Moment Deathwish will get you all over the mountain, but powder is where they shine.

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Moment Deathwish Ski One Color, 190cm

Some people see you skiing full-throttle down a wickedly steep line and think you have a death wish. They just don't know you're that good. You're in control, and you have the Moment Deathwish Ski underfoot. This groundbreaking ski has already seen a ton of accolades in the ski world, thanks to its 112mm fat waist and Dirty Mustache Rocker profile. Four contact points along each edge bite into the snow, letting it rip turns on hardpack. Meanwhile tip and tail rocker and micro-camber underfoot allow the Deathwish to be slashy and effortless in pow, stable in crud, and groomer-gripping like a boss. Built with tough Extruded UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene sidewall construction, the Deathwish is extremely durable, light, and resistant to separation. To make the Deathwish almost universally versatile, Moment engineers gave it a poppy, lightweight aspen and pine wood core that makes it as sweet and playful on a powder day as it is on freshly groomed corduroy. The use of pine also makes the Deathwish extremely durable with solid rebound properties and a long flex life so you're not skiing on a wet noodle by mid-season. To further enhance flex-profile longevity, Moment incorporated carbon tow threads in the laminate matrix design. Edges can be a game-changer, especially when you blow one out or when they are hardly thick enough to withstand a season of tuning, so Moment equipped the Deathwish with 2. 2mm Rockwell 48 steel edges. Shipped from Austria already hardened to 48 Rockwell, Moment then performed additional heat-treating in-house to adjust the hardness and ductility of the steel to ensure you get the most life out of your ski. Oh, and we can't forget Moment's US-made Durasurf 4001 sintered base material that can take a beating while staying fast. Harder and with better wax absorption properties than extruded bases, sintered bases are the industry standard for performance and longevity. If you're looking for a conversation-starter ...

ColorOne Color
FeatureBase: 1.2mm Durasurf 4001 sintered Turn Radius: [174cm] 23 m, [184cm] 25 m, [190cm] 27 m Binding Included: no Construction: extruded UHMW polyethylene sidewall Core: aspen, pine
TitleMoment Deathwish Ski One Color, 190cm
Package Weight11.2 pounds
Item Weight11.2 pounds
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