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Mohawk Mountain Reviews


A pleasant half day


Pros: Close, inexpensive, friendly, pleasant location

Cons: Little challenging terrain

I live in Southern CT, so Mohawk Mtn. is only an hour or so away from me.  It's also affordable, esp. on weekdays when you can ski half a day for $20.  This being the case, I occasionally find myself there when despite being busy I just can't wait to get out to use a new pair of skis/boots/balaclava/etc.  I can leave New Haven in the morning, and be back by midafternoon having skied for four hours.  It's in an area of the state that I really like and the people there have always been very friendly.    The downside, however, is that there just isn't very much terrain.  There most challenging runs have few steep pitches and those they do have are so...
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Favorite "mountain" in CT


Pros: Close, good for beginners/families

Cons: Its Connecticut

Out of all the mountai....I mean hills we have here in Connecticut, Mohawk is my favorite. There is a decent variety of terrain, but I think most advanced skiers would become bored here. Theres a few steep runs, but most of the mountain is just cruisers.  I usually ski at night after I get out of work, and by that time the trails are pretty skied off and become icy. If you can go during the day, for a beginner, or for a family, it'd be a great time. The lifts are dreadfully slow, but then again its not a world class resort that has to move 10,000 skiers an hour. For a quick day/night trip its a good time. Lift tickets are reasonable, and for me, the best thing about Mohawk is how close it...
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