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Mission Ridge Reviews


Mission Ridge - The best conditions

This year Mission scored some good snow and good conditions (so far ). It is first time in the last 5 years that the full mountain is open before Christmas, including bomber bowl and microwave tower. People have been skiing powder almost every other day since opening. If you are in the neighborhood, Mission could be a pleasant stop. 

Great Hill with Sunshine and Lighter Snow


Pros: Lighter Snow for WA, Sunshine, Chutes, Unmarked Runs, no crowds

Cons: Smaller, Can be windy

My girl and I went there this year with a groupon they had put out.  Maybe it was luck, as I grew up skiing here with my gramps and remember diverse conditions that ranged from sun to unbearable winds, but the snow was fluffy and there was plenty of it.  It was also extremely great weather.  This hill is awesome if you like to ski off the grid and venture through trees and off into the chutes and bowls.  Definitely a good and inexpensive weekend/day trip if you are in the area.

Families At Mission Ridge


Pros: Accepts 3mo-6yr in their Child Care

Mission Ridge has excellent guest service, providing for children 3 months thru 6 years in their child care facility.  Their instructors are very good at the snow sports Center. The mountain itself has great skiing, dry powder snow and sunny days most of the time.  The Child Care Department allows families to vacation together & ski together!

Terrain tantalizing


Pros: 5 Free passes for Silver Mtn pass holders, dramatic basalt cliffs, snags, and hike skiing for freshies

Cons: Lodge/bar needs expansion, slow lift due to beginners to get to high speed quad

After getting my money's worth out of my Silver Mtn pass, which I only paid $200 for, I discovered that my Silver pass also enabled me to receive 5 free passes at both Mission Ridge and White Pass in Washington. Let's go! Upon arrival at the mountain base, we were welcomed with flakes on the windshield. By the time we hit the top of the Liberator Chair, we were being pelted by a fierce wind and snow flakes. The whiteout was resolved by hitting some of the trees in Bomber Chutes and by mid-mountain, the visibility increased. Other places to explore are the traverse above the Bomber Cliffs to access some expert terrain. The traverse is more skier friendly than for boarders. Also check out...
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Good local hill


Pros: Nice family mountain

Cons: Not enough snow.

Great local hill. Unfortunately, it's far enough east in the Cascades to miss all the snow that pounds the crest mountains. Well laid out, very friendly people. Near to Wenatchee, although that's not saying much.

A Hidden Gem


Pros: Sun, cold dry snow compared to the rest of the Cascades, uncrowded, nice community vibe, interesting terrain, close to town.

Cons: Low snow cover, rocks that are like daggers, difficult to get to for most people.

When Mission Ridge is on, it's a delight.  The slopes and lifts are uncrowded, the terrain is interesting, if not particularly challenging, and the people are friendly.  The weather is usually sunny and the snow light.  For sun starved Puget Sounders it can be a nice change from tons of wet snow and either dark, gray skies or fog. (However, the last time I skied there it wasn't sunny, but rather there was a dump going down and the locals all left.  I had the hill and all of that powder almost to myself!  Uncut every run.) The downside is the lack of snow.  There can be long dry periods between dumps and snow pack can be low.  The rocks are something to watch out for.  They are the...
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