McConkey -The Movie Reviews


A Film I'll Remember.


Pros: Extremely well compiled and edited. Thought provoking, at times inspiring at others chilling.

Cons: His life was difficult to capture in the time appropriate for a single movie.

It's interesting to think about the paths our lives have taken and why.  What makes us tick, the things that draw us, our weaknesses and strengths and how all of those things lead us to do what we do.  McConkey's life seemed to illustrate this in the extreme, yet I can still relate to his life through my own programming.   The film is first rate on so many levels.  The story is really well told which was not easy considering the complexity of his life and the extent of his experiences.  I came in wondering why.  I left wondering why, only at a more informed level and with some potential answers.  The presence of his mother at my showing only added to...
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