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Marker Side Zip Pants Mens


Pros: Warm and well insulated, drapes nicely

Cons: Stitching gives way, icing sticks to material, cut tight in thighs.


Other brands used: Descente, Obermeyer, Moonstone, Salomon, TNF, Cloudveil, Smart Mogul, Sun-ICE


I love side-zips on ski pants.     


When I saw these Markers, I immediately thought they looked like a winner - sharp styling, insulation, adequate pockets, and a superb soft smooth feel that made pants from some other brands feel - icky, like rubberized canvas.


First fit impression was a little worrying.   I don't have the smallest quads on the planet - and the pants leg stuck midway up the thigh.  Waist size was correct, the fit was fine through the hips...but it took 2  tries to get the pants on that first time.


Well, that first effort was worth it - I was warm on the lifts (but not too hot in the car).    I could wear thicker base layers underneath, even though the insulation made it so I didn't really need to.   Soft, comfortable, no motion restriction, no random air drafts on windy days, very natural placement of pockets, zippers, pulls and snaps.


Until this weekend, that is.     Until I skied in 8-9" of natural snow, combined with 'round-the-clock snowmaking, in 5F-11F weather.


The first sign of anything wrong was when the pants started picking up a coat of rime from skiing through snowblower plumes.   I simply couldn't get the icing off the fabric.    Oh well, no big deal, I'll run them through an extra DWR wash cycle when I get home.   They were still fundamentally /warm/, when the other bits I had on were questionable.


The second sign of anything wrong was when I tried shifting on the chair to re-balance, after some peeps offloaded at the mid-station.     Yes.    The pants stuck to the ice which stuck to the chair.     Oh well, doesn't really matter, I'll just run them through an extra DWR wash cycle when I get home.     They're still fundamentally /warm/, right?


The third sign of anything wrong was when my housemate standing behind me said "Oh, you'll want a clothespin for those pants".   Well, that's not really what he said.     What he said was more in line with the fact that the seam stitching of the zipper pocket /and/ the stitching of the main vertical seam between the legs was coming apart.     NOT what one wants to hear with fewer than 10 days wear on the pants.    They were still /warm/.    Just a bit...ah...ragged looking.   


Supposing, just supposing, that the episode with the icy chair seat was the major culprit behind the seams giving way, the takeaway on these pants is still "Do more waterproofing on these yourself before wearing".    Hmm.   I never had to do that with those icky-feeling pants.


16 CFR 255 notice: These were purchased through a promotional pricing program.    They were not a gift.


Marker Side Zip Pants Mens

Marker Side Zip Pants will turn you into a quick change artist Zippers run down the full length of both sides of these pants making them easy to pull on over snow boots These pants are waterproof yet breathable and have plenty of vents so you can take temperature regulation into your own hands Open the side zippers to drastically increase airflow or use the inner thigh vents for a subtle change in temperature Fully seam sealed construction and water resistant zippers lock out moisture while the windproof nylon shields your legs on gusty days These lightly insulated pants are lined in soft brushed tricot that wont snag against your baselayer The waistband has adjustable Velcro tabs for a perfect fit and articulated knees so your pants wont ride up when you sit on the chairlift Use the PowderShield connection to link the pants waistline directly to your Marker jacket and avoid exposing your core to the elements Nylon with a 5 000 mm waterproofing/5 000 g breathability rating nbsp Insulated (60 g) for extra warmth on the hill nbsp Completely windproof nbsp Full side zipper allows you to quickly add or remove this or other layers Fully seam sealed to lock out moisture Lined in soft brushed tricot Adjustable Velcro waistband tabs for a perfect fit Articulated knees for natural movement without bunching Inner thigh vents are backed in mesh Lower legs have powder cuffs sealed with gripper elastic PowderShield connection links pants directly to the hem of Marker jackets Scuff guards on cuffs prevent shred Water resistant YKK zippers

Clothing SizeX-Large
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Product Type NamePANTS
TitleMarker Side Zip Pants Mens
Seam Taped
Side Zips
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