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Marker M2 Visor Helmet Reviews


No Fractured Skull


Pros: Stylish, lightweight

Cons: Must wear goggles around neck due to visor

Purchased this in Villars, Switzerland.   Replacement for my old Briko Helmet.   Only there for a long weekend but was glad of the new helmet as I came a cropper on my last day - Heavy snow, fog, no vision, caught a drift and down I came right on my head - stunned for a few moments, had I not had the helmet on  I am sure I would have fractured it.   Assisted by the lift attendant and straight off the piste and home - Headache for a day or so

Nice lightweight stylish helmet


Pros: lightweight, stylish, visor, removable earpeices

Cons: goggles don't go over helmet due to visor, not a ton of features

I got a good deal on this helmet from a ski swap.  It was brand new, but I think it was a demo unit, which explains the $60 price tag.  I've crashed quite a few times and some of those crashes, I sure was glad I had a helmet on.  This helmet has held up nicely. The first thing I really like about this helmet is the way it looks.  It's got a low-profile design that just makes it look very cool and not bulky at all.  I don't really know if the visor is big enough to do anything, but I do like it because it just adds to the sleak look.  The one downside to that though is it gets in the way of putting my goggles up.  I always ski with my goggles on and have gotten used to having the goggles...
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