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Marker M2 Visor Helmet


Pros: Stylish, lightweight

Cons: Must wear goggles around neck due to visor

Purchased this in Villars, Switzerland.   Replacement for my old Briko Helmet.   Only there for a long weekend but was glad of the new helmet as I came a cropper on my last day - Heavy snow, fog, no vision, caught a drift and down I came right on my head - stunned for a few moments, had I not had the helmet on  I am sure I would have fractured it.   Assisted by the lift attendant and straight off the piste and home - Headache for a day or so


Pros: lightweight, stylish, visor, removable earpeices

Cons: goggles don't go over helmet due to visor, not a ton of features

I got a good deal on this helmet from a ski swap.  It was brand new, but I think it was a demo unit, which explains the $60 price tag.  I've crashed quite a few times and some of those crashes, I sure was glad I had a helmet on.  This helmet has held up nicely.


The first thing I really like about this helmet is the way it looks.  It's got a low-profile design that just makes it look very cool and not bulky at all.  I don't really know if the visor is big enough to do anything, but I do like it because it just adds to the sleak look.  The one downside to that though is it gets in the way of putting my goggles up.  I always ski with my goggles on and have gotten used to having the goggles go around my neck instead of on top of the helmet when I go inside.  In my opinion, it's a small price to pay for the extra style.  If you really don't like the visor, it's easily removable, though you'll end up with some small holes on the sides where the visor snaps into.  I think Marker makes a non-visor version of this helmet as well if you prefer not to have the option of the visor. 


The second thing I really like about this helmet is how lightweight it is.  I was concerned that by getting a helmet, I'd end up with a lot of weight on top of my head that I would find annoying.  With this helmet, I don't even notice I have one on.  It's very comfortable to wear.  The chin strap provides a small pad and is very comfortable as well.


There are no adjustable vents, but I never found this to be a problem.  I have skiied in -10F and I have skied in 40+F weather and have never complained that my head/ears were too cold or too hot.  The removable earpeices are nice if your ears get hot on a warm spring day.  I've never needed to remove them personally.  I was worried that I'd get cold with the venting holes in the helmet, but it's designed in such a way that the cold air/wind doesn't get to you while skiing, but still allows your head to vent when you heat up. 


This helmet does not have a knob that can micro adjust the size, so make sure you get a chance to try it on before buying to make sure it fits correctly.  It should be snug, but not restricting or painful.


Overall, it's definitely a good basic stylish helmet.  If you're looking for a feature filled helmet, you can probably find others.  If you just want something to protect your head while looking good and staying comfortable, this is a helmet I would recommend.

Marker M2 Visor Helmet

A go-to helmet for skiers wanting the light weight and the sleek, halfshell look of an in-molded helmet with the look and added protection of a visor

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