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Maplus Med Racing Base Solid Wax


Pros: Hard-ish wax that holds up

Cons: Hard-ish wax that takes a bit of work to spread

 I have been a believer in the products and information that I've gotten from Slidewright, so it didn't surprise me when the wax did exactly what I was told it would.

Prior to attending ESA Aspen Snowmass, I waxed my skis with the Maplus Purple wax (2 coats) and was able to go 4+ days before needing a touch up.  The really amazing thing is that Aspen, Snowmass, and Highlands was in need of some fresh snow, yet this wax held up.
It may take a little effort to spread this wax because its fairly hard, but is well worth the effort.


Pros: Durable surprisingly fast in many conditions

Cons: None (but as a harder, higher-melt-point wax, it is expectedly a little more difficult to work with than many "universal" waxes).

As an all-purpose wax, Maplus Purple Race Base Medium works at least as well as any "universal" hard wax I've ever used (including Maplus universal waxes, Swix F4, etc.), but it adds the advantage that it is much harder and more durable than most. Because it is harder and melts at a higher temperature than some waxes, it is slightly more difficult to work with--but with a good iron it's no trouble at all, and I consider this hardness a plus. In all but extreme temperatures, it works well all by itself, and it also makes a great base wax before finishing with specific temperature and condition waxes. When temperatures dropped to well below zero (F) in Colorado this season, I was amazed how slippery my skis were with this wax, followed by a light dusting of Swix F4 shavings ironed in. It's good stuff--my new clear favorite all-around wax. Guess I'd better order some more!


Pros: Costs, Performance, Longevity, Easy to work with

Works about as well and lasts about as long as Swix LF4. Cost is less and the wax is easier to work with.


Pros: Less wax used, less scraping.

Because it is so firm, this is a great wax to start doing the "hot touch" technique with, especially for daily waxing.   


Pros: Fast, durable and expanded temperature range

Cons: A little harder to apply due to medium/high-melt paraffin

For the last couple years I keep coming back the Maplus Race Base Wax for my primary glide and base waxx. When in doubt on temperature and humidity ranges, this wax performs well beyond it's design temperatures and it loves Colorado snows for most the winter. Since it is a more durable wax it can last up to a week of skiing, which is more than twice the durability of low melt patraffins which are very common. It saves time, effort, protects the bases and I can't recommend it enough. Plus, it's a great base for abrasive spring conditions topped with soft (Hot) LF Universal or P2 Hot (hot butter for your corn) wax for better glide in wetter conditions.

Maplus Med Racing Base Solid Wax

Medium hard paraffin, 250 grams, snow temperature -15 to -5 degrees C (-5 to 23 degrees F). Ideal as an initial base prep wax when snow temperature is warm, a first wax after stonegrinding base or ideal as a travel wax to protect the base when in transit. High quality, high melt point paraffin that is economial as a first layer before applying condition specific wax. Also, good as a universal wax and recommended for shops and DIYers.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Tuning & Repair › Wax & Waxing Tools › Maplus Med Racing Base Solid Wax