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Maple Ski Ridge Reviews


Try again..

I used to live in this area and the name is a fit description of what they're offering; a ridge. Do not plan a day trip to this location; it exists only as a convenience to the locals children.   As for shops in the area I recall the most knowledgeable being High Adventure then possibly Goldstock's. Plaine's is best avoided less you're satisfied by the advice of doped up mutants. Though in their defense this was years ago and things may have changed.
Ski the East

Good Place to Learn to Ski


Pros: Beginner Lessons for All Ages

Cons: Outgrow it in a Season or Two

My wife and son (when he was 4 and 5) took their first two seasons of (group) lessons at Maple Ski Ridge.  Lessons are through the Schenectady Ski School http://www.schenectadyskischool.com/  Many ski areas won't start lessons until 5 y.o.  My son was ready at 4 and really enjoyed it.  The following season we moved over to Jiminy Peak for lessons.  The instructors provided my wife and son with a solid base to build on.   I haven't been back to Maple in several years.  I know they replaced their snow tubing with a terrain park a few years ago, but I haven't even seen it, so I can't provide any feedback.  I also heard they have added a "magic carpet," which would be a good addition. ...
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