Mammoth Reviews


The best ski area/resort in CA


Pros: Offers consistenly better snow and longer ski season than any other ski areas in CA

Cons: Kind of out of the way

Mammoth has the size, altitude,variety and quality advantage over any other CA ski areas. It's one of the biggest in CA in the way it feels when you're out there skiing as well as on paper. Groomed slopes feel individually expansive without being vague and confusing. It's located in higher altitudes that any other resorts in CA, allowing longer seasons well in May and June.  It has all different kinds of terrains to suit any taste. It consistently has better snow than any other CA resorts. The only downside is that it's kind out there, but that can be an upside depending on how you look at it (e.g., weekday skiers). I wholeheartedly...
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Best snow in California


Pros: Lots of runs

Cons: Expert runs too short. Long drive from LA.

Long time skier at Mammoth.  Over the last 40 years saw it grow from a few chairs to what is is now. It is still a "locals" mountain from folks from LA or San Diego. Still a long drive (4-6hrs) from Southern California.  Even much longer from the Bay area.  Use to have long lift lines, but with high speed 6 packs, very easy to get around.
Kiwiski Andrew

Mammmoth - something for everyone


Pros: SIze, lifts, snow

Cons: Can get crowded on weekends, sometimes windy

Mammoth has something for everyone. Whether you are after steeps, groomers, powder, trees, parks, beginner runs. It is a great place for families too; with good ski schools and day care. Like most places the more challenging runs can be found at the top of the mountain. With beginner runs having easy access at the bottom. It does take some time to explore the mountain because of its size so Mammoth is a good vacation destination.   During some weekends and holidays the mountain can get pretty busy, but with a little local knowledge you can make the most of these times too.Usually the congestion gets compounded if some lifts are closed due to bad weather, mainly high winds. ...
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First time to Mammoth

Hey all!  Brand new here and I'm headed up to Mammoth next weekend for 4 days for my first time.  Gonna hit the slopes friday before the crowds and the rest of the group arrives and would appreciate any advice as to where the best place to park is and which lifts get me to where I want to ski without having to explore too much as I hear the place is huge.  I mainly ski Tahoe and would say I'm Intermediate/Advanced.  Groomers are fine but I'm often found searching out stashes and decent tree skiing to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  Great site and thanks in advance!  (sorry I put this in reviews, admin feel free to move if necessary)  ...
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A behemoth resort with excellent terrain


Pros: Massive mountain with challenging terrain

Cons: Lower lifts get crowded, LA skiers not known for courtesy

Mammoth is one of my favorite mountains in the US.  The terrain off the top is steep and challenging, with great open bowls and chutes.  Advanced skiers can just ski the upper lifts which barely have any lines and not deal with crowds lower on the mountain.  The lower lifts do get busy especially on weekends as they are used to traverse the mountain.  But even intermediate skiers can go over to chairs 12,13,14 on the far right or chairs 9,25,15 on the far left to get away from the crowds.  Being the only large ski resort within driving distance of LA (5-6hrs) it does get busy on weekends.  However, the mountain is very well managed and knows how to move...
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Sweet mountain for powder strike: just hope it's not on a weekend!!


Pros: Terrain. Sierra sunshine & panoramas. Locals who aren't A-holes.

Cons: Wind. Weekend crowds. $95 full day / $69 half day? Snowbird's only $74 full day!!!

Crazy wind: nothing like full force of jet stream at 11,000 ft. Mammoth moves crowds well, but they have to, on weekends the place is a zoo. And then there's the pricing: $95 full / $69 half-day at the counter is RIDICULOUS. Mammoth wants to become a destination resort, but I can get to Snowbird a heck of a lot faster (even from most parts of California!) and spend $21 a day *less* for better snow.  Someone at Mammoth corporate needs to rethink ticket pricing policy. I got lucky that they released a $240, 4-day ticket at Costco in time for my trip, but paying full pop at the counter for a 5th day made my eyes bleed.  Now for the happy thoughts: They've done a great...
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Pros: The Mountain, The Snow

Cons: The Wind and That I don't live there

The Best Mountain ever.  The terrain and snow is the best.  Gets windy allot though.  Got to pick the right time.  It is rarely crowed.  The bottom of the mountain is spead out about 7 miles with multiple access points.

Another Mammoth fan.


Pros: Remote feel, huge terrain variations, xlent lift system.

Cons: Can't think of anything, other than maybe the walk-up day rate - 86.00 - ouch!

We're normally Tahoe skiers - Heavenly to Northstar and all in between; but, we wanted to try Mammoth out this year. We went down 395 fr/ Reno area - no problem road, great scenery, but bet it can be treacherous in weather. We stayed in a great little condo, but that's another story. The skiing went from one extreme to the other, in 1 day! First day - huge wind, wet snow & fog, actually closed most of the lifts that noon due to gusts to 60MPH. Very next day, blue skies, pleasantly cold w/ new 10 - 15" layer - woohoo! The mtn. offers free tours w/ Hosts - our guy, named Craig, a skier, was just great! History lesson/where to find the pow/steeps/you name it - we skied til 3PM w/...
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