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Magic Mountain Reviews


I love Magic!


Pros: challenging terrain, many trails ungroomed, no crowds, bargain prices

Cons: It does not snow enough in the northeast to keep Magic in top condition all winter long

Friends, family and I loved skiing and boarding at Magic Mountain today. Today was my first time at Magic since I skied Magic and its backside neighbor, Timber Ridge, as a child more than 30 years ago. I had no idea what I had been missing. Magic is awesome! Magic has a combination of fun green and blue trails on its East side (which are great for my wife and 5yo daughter) and some of the most challenging runs I have ever skied in VT on its West side. My 8yo son today added a new word to his vocabulary while skiing with me on one of my favorite runs of the day. The word is gnarly, which is an apt description of Red Line, the run under the only chair to the top, called the Red Chair....
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What I like about Magic


Pros: Terrain, vibe, terrain, Goniff's Den, terrain, the people, terrain

Cons: If you don't like natural terrain (moguls, weeds, saplings, rocks) this may not be the place for you

DoWork asked me about my first season as a Magic passholder.  Here was my response: Can't narrow it down to one thing...let's see: Value - great skiing for a great price Terrain - The best within striking distance from me - 100 minutes door-to-door Vibe - I was a passholder at Gore for a few years...place felt like a geriatric ward. I also had a pass at West Mountain for weeknight turns last winter. That place was so awful, I couldn't force myself to go and took a real bath on that pass. Everyone I met at Magic was all about the skiing and the laid back vibe that defines the place. The guys that define the vibe are always willing to share their "secrets" and don't...
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Bulldog General

Not a family mountain, but fantastic for advanced skiers on powder days


Pros: Advanced terrain, fantastic glades, lots to explore, cheap

Cons: Not much of a resort, not much to do when the snow's been lacking

  You live in Connecticut or Western Massachussetts. You're watching the snow totals pile up in Vermont. But you can't afford an extended trip - where do you go for one day? You can deal with the crowds at an Okemo, Snow or Killington - and with most of the fluffy stuff being groomed into oblivion - or you can head up to Magic. It's an easy choice.   Magic is not the place to take the family for a nice vacation. It's also not the best place for a beginner to learn. But if you're looking for the natural stuff on a powder day, fantastic steeps and wicked glades and no risk of being run over by crowds, and oh by the way to save $20-$30 on your lift ticket, how could you...
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Come when there's new snow...and when there isn't!


Pros: Challenging terrrain, few crowds, great vibe, inexpensive

Cons: No terrain park, just adequate absolute beginner terrain

This has been my first year skiing Magic Mountain and I'm in love.  I was convinced to try it out by the internet devotion it inspires and I can't tell you how happy I am that I did.  My fondness for it can be divided into two categories: the terrain and the vibe.  Both make Magic special.   The terrain: Unlike most of southern Vermont, Magic is steep.  Most trails on the west side are more challenging than anything I've run into at Stratton or Okemo and even the easier east side, Goniff's Glade, Twilight Zone and Greenline are runs on the map that will challenge very good skiers.  Unlike it's overgroomed neighbors, Magic is full of rocks, stumps, and...
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REAL skiing


Pros: great snow, no crowds

Cons: slow recovery from bad weather periods

    Magic Mountain is where you need to go for REAL skiing.  If there is soft snow to be found anywhere in southern Vermont, you are certain to come across more of it at Magic than anywhere else.     It truly is a mountain to ski from the top for all ability levels, with the possible exception of the never-ever.  Beginners have several options from the top on Upper/Lower Magic Carpet all the way to the bottom or several choices off Wand from mid-mountain.  These aren’t just boring traverses or work roads, but actual interesting trails.     Intermediates will not be bored with a cruise down those but can also make things more...
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Why I became a Shareholder


Pros: I would recommend Magic for Pros and amateurs alike!

Cons: Might be ok for ex-cons but we discourage current convicts

Visit Save Magic to see Magic through the eyes of a group of dedicated Passholders/Shareholders.  See why we made the investment in Magic and why we believe it is important Magic remain part of New England skiing.

Slow is fun


Pros: less crowds, varied terrain

Cons: slow lifts, little manmade snow

If it hasn't snowed lately, don't come here.  if the conditions are good, this place is a blast.  Varied terrain including nice glades.  It has a very welcoming feel.  One of those family resorts that's not swamped by one-day a year skiers.  The lifts are slow but that's mainly what keeps the crowds away.  So a blessing in its own way.