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Madshus EON Ski (Multi, 205)

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Pros: performance; efficient in dense snow; value; durability; not really a telemark ski

Cons: lacks flotation in deep, soft powder; not really a telemark ski (if that is what wou are looking for)

This ski is identical to the Karhu XCD GT (83-62-70mm profile; 1.5 xcountry camber) . This ski comes in either a waxable base or a waxless base. I currently use the waxless base.


These are well designed off-trail xcountry skis. I have skied several hundred kilometers on my current pair, with no problems. Although this ski is marketed as a hybrid between a telemark and a classic xcountry ski- it truly excels as an off-trail xcountry touring ski. This ski performs best in dense, hard, wet, and/or corn snow. It does not offer great flotation in deep, soft, powder.


Yes, it does have a progressive sidecut; it will turn on the downhill. However it has quite a straight tail, and tracks very efficiently during the kick and glide (this sacrifices some turning efficiency).

As far as telemark skiing; there are other skis that turn much more efficiently and offer better downhill performance ("true" telemark skis).


There are different perspectives on what a "true" telemark ski is. My perspective is that telemark skiing is first and foremost a downhill skiing method and system. I see these "hybrid" skis as first and foremost xcountry skis. I am not suggesting that they cannot be used as telemark skis. I am suggesting that if your primary pursuit is downhill performance- there are better options out there.


My everyday skiing is off-trail kick and glide, through rolling terrain, with the occasional steep climb and descent. This is an excellent ski for this use — except in deep powder. If you are routinely breaking trail in deep powder, this ski is not enough. For deep, fresh powder I use the Madshus Annum (formerly the Karhu XCD Guide).


For off-trail kick and glide skiing I recommend NNNBC bindings with a burly boot (I am currently using the Alpina Alaska with NNNBC magnum bindings). 75mm bindings are much more versatile; but the NNNBC system is much more efficient with classic xcountry skiing (stride and glide).


Contrary to the marketing, I would recommend choosing a long length. I am currently on 195cm (me: 5'10"; 185lbs). When I am in the perfect conditions for this ski; I often find myself wanting 205mm (better glide and better flotation). If you want them short for telemark turns; I would recommend considering a more downhill-orientated ski.


As is often said, "this ski is more about the tour than the turn."

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Madshus EON Ski (Multi, 205)

The Eon is the classic bridge between Nordic and Downhill design, the embodiment of efficiency and versatility for off-trail travel. Its narrower platform, Omnitrak NoWax base and added camber tour with ease and provide a snap to your stride. For the occasional descent or rolling terrain, the Eon turns quickly with its deeper sidecut in the forebody for a relaxed, smooth ride.

FeatureDimensions 83-62-70 for efficient backcountry touring over rolling terrain Omnitrack positive patterned base Full length steel edge Durable wood multicore with Triaxial cap The long, soft shovel and relaxed camber helps Madshus Cross Country Downhill skis foat and intiate turns more easily
TitleMadshus EON Ski (Multi, 205)
UPCList - UPCListElement714636744961
Package Height3.2 inches
Package Length80 inches
Package Weight5.4 pounds
Package Width4 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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