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Mad River Glen Reviews

Rich Larow

For Vermonters, nobody can say this Mt isnt good. There's even a Vermonters day where skiing is free.


Pros: Family oriented, challenging terrain, has that "local" feel to it.

Cons: No Snowmaking (which doesnt matter on good snow years), small amount of trails.

This is an under-rated resort. As a die hard skier who grew up in Stowe, even though Stowe and other Mt's here have snowmaking, Mad River makes up for it with the old-school feel, just straight skiing, most often with a higher percentage of people from Vt that ski there more than the tourists. Great Mt to race on, and when its a good snow season, theres not a big difference than Mts with snowmaking. A great mountain over all. Challenging. Best Value for the price anywhere in VT.

Mad River, A mountain where it's not about a resort but, about the people you are with and the skiing.


Pros: Incredible terrain, a historic lift, the chili, the rich history, the people

Cons: Must rely on the natural stuff to be fully open, the terrain can be a bit challenging to someone not knowing how to navigate the mountain.

MAD RIVER - by Alicia Alba    You won't find a big fancy lodge. To be lost in the crowd. You won't find a speedy gondola. Or even a detachable quad. You won't find big wide open runs  and lots of groomed trails. You will find comfort. A place to be who you are.   A single chair to share a few moments of serenity A place where memories are shared together A warm bowl of Chili waiting for you at the bottom  You reached your happy place. A place we call home.  

Ski it when there's snow


Pros: Terrain, vibe, value

Cons: Like pre modern, weather dependant

Mad River Glen is a unique experience. It is kind of an eastern Alta in terms of feel - nothing modern, very local, friendly, no snowboards, no terrain park. It is probably more accurate to say Alta is a western MRG.   What Mad River has - terrific terrain - steep and beautiful, absolutely classic trails that wind down the mountains; little bumps, medium bumps, and giant bumps but not like Killington's Outer Limits - these are bumps that no one built other than by skiing and following the trail; a single chair that is unique itself; good prices including some great value days; no snowboarders; very little grooming; very little snowmaking; more terrain for beginners and low...
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An Eastern Throwback -- MRG delivers the Goods


Pros: Vibe, terrain, woods

Cons: lift lines

It seems like there is a Mad River Glen "Ski it if You Can" bumper sticker on most of the trash cans at Jackson Hole.  There's a reason -- Mad River is the eastern cousin of the legendary Teton resort.     Not much here for beginners, but MRG delivers the goods for experts.  You want steeps?  Try Paradise, with mandatory air over a frozen waterfall.  Want extreme terrain?  You're surrounded by it.  Want bumps?  Minimal grooming and almost non-existent snow making mean they are big and plentiful.  Want trees?  There may be no better place to ski 'em (but you'll need to follow an insider to find the entrances to the best...
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Yes I can!


Pros: co-op ski area, old-time Vermont feel, no snowborders

Cons: difficult conditions, need a dumping for great skiing

It's hard not to like Mad River. The local feel of the place fits right into Vermont culture. Plus, the single chair, lower lift prices and all their gimicky days to lower prices even more (ex: Roll Back the Clock day when prices are the same as the first year Mad River was open (this year it was $3.50 a ticket!!!). There is a reason the slogan is "ski it if you can". The conditions aren't always great because there's no snowmaking and little grooming. That being said, it's located in an area of the Green Mtns that regularly gets dumped oIt's hard not to like Mad River. The local feel of the place fits right into Vermont culture. Plus, the single chair, lower lift prices and...
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Mad River Glen: Perfectly Flawed


Pros: Terrain, ambiance, value, spirit

Mad River Glen is a classic mountain in every sense of the word.  No high-speed quads, no night skiing, and no snowboarders allowed, what is lacks in modern comforts it makes up for in character. I've been skiing Mad River Glen since I could stand, and it has always been an incredibly friendly, warm mountain.  The terrain is far from easy, but that's why the mountain proudly wears the "Mad River Glen Ski it if You Can" motto.  In fact, just to be safe several of the trails have experienced "marker inflation" over the past 10 years: Eaton's Run used to be a green circle, Perwinkle Bowl and Lower Antalope used to be blue squares, etc.  If you are uncomfortable skiing ice, hay, moss and...
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Mad River Glen. Enough Said.


Pros: difficult terrain, old style amenities

Cons: not family friendly

Mad River Glen is legendary for its unique approach to skiing and everything that surrounds it. Among all the corporate super resorts, MRG is an anachronism. When I spoke with the ski school director, he said to me, "This place is as much a museum as it is a ski area. This is what New England skiing was 50 years ago." That's the best description I've ever heard. Narrow, winding trails, a near total lack of snowmaking and grooming, and a base lodge that is little more than a shack with a little kitchen cooking up the basics. But it's just about the best place I've ever skied. The terrain is as challenging as anything you can find anywhere in New England. Because of the (deservedly)...
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You know... Ski it if you can


Pros: wild

Cons: wild

The single chair...  the scarce use of groomers...  the abundance of midfat and fat skis...  ice...  bumps...  no snowboards allowed...  Not a great place for beginners or intermediate skiers or anyone that can't stand moguls.  It can be a lot of work if the conditions are not tip-top.