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Line Pandora - Women's Reviews


Super fun


Pros: light, nimble for a 112 waist, playful, great in soft snow, fun on groomers

Cons: A little tip dive in deep, heavy stuff. Some issues with the top sheet.

The Line Pandora 162 is the women's version theSir Francis Bacon, touted as Eric Pollard's "quiver of one"  (Note that the 172 emulates the Elizabeth).  It has a conventional camber and sidecut, but an "early tapered" tip, to reduce hooking in powder.  The flex is soft, but it has enough torsional stiffness that when you set it on edge, it rails through everything: crud, slush, etc.  One weakness had been that it tended to slide out on hardpack/ice.  But I had it tuned to a 1 degree base/2 degree side (it had been 1 and 1), and now it grips just fine on the average PNW groomer.   The mounting point is relatively far forward, so the tails are long.  This may take some getting used to.  It...
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