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Line Pandora - Women's


Pros: light, nimble for a 112 waist, playful, great in soft snow, fun on groomers

Cons: A little tip dive in deep, heavy stuff. Some issues with the top sheet.

The Line Pandora 162 is the women's version theSir Francis Bacon, touted as Eric Pollard's "quiver of one"  (Note that the 172 emulates the Elizabeth).  It has a conventional camber and sidecut, but an "early tapered" tip, to reduce hooking in powder.  The flex is soft, but it has enough torsional stiffness that when you set it on edge, it rails through everything: crud, slush, etc.  One weakness had been that it tended to slide out on hardpack/ice.  But I had it tuned to a 1 degree base/2 degree side (it had been 1 and 1), and now it grips just fine on the average PNW groomer.  


The mounting point is relatively far forward, so the tails are long.  This may take some getting used to.  It makes for incredible stability, particularly when landing jumps.  Catwalks become fun, because you want to jump off all the terrain features off the sides.


In powder, it's not as "slarvy" as a rockered ski.  Even so, it's wide enough to make just a few inches of snow feel bottomless, and keep you near the surface of heavy, wet PNW "powder." 


Summary: this ski makes bad snow feel like hero snow.  It's so much fun to ski that you'll take it out inappropriately, even on a "groomer day."

Line Pandora - Women's

Open up a box of goodness with the Line Women s Pandora Alpine Ski. The Pandora, an expert in the troublemaking business, tears around the mountain s steeps and deeps with the best of em, except with the unique mischievous style of a tough lady. A poplar macroblock core and symmetric flex know how to respond to a woman s moves much better than the VW bus-dwelling pothead hippie dude you dated last season. A deep sidecut and light, lively feel suits the style of a lady who knows what she wants. Run after run. And unlike that liftie of last year, the Pandora Alpine Ski sticks to you. And it s a consistently good ride.

Lengths162cm, 172cm
Dimensions139 / 110 / 137mm
Turn Radius[00cm] 0m
Core MaterialSuper-responsive (poplar macroblock) wood
Recommended UseLearning new moves in the big-mountain deeps
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingNo
Binding Included
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: A08012, Size: 172cmA08012-172714636211975
Style: A08012, Size: 162cmA08012-162714636211968