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Lillehammer - Hafjell

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App. 200 km  (2,5 hours) from downtown Oslo. Follow E6 north. When in Øyer, 15 km north of Lillehammer, follow exit to Hafjell. The road standard is good.

By Bus
NOR-WAY Bus Express is daily trafficking through Hafjell. The routes are served by Nordfjordekspressen and Gudbrandsdalsekspressen.


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Lillehammer - Hafjell

“All roads lead to Rome” – not quite so with Hafjell, though it is very easy to get here. Hafjell is located in Oppland county, only 160 km from Oslo Airport. Two main arteries within transportation are passing right outside the lift system; the highway E6 and the railway. At the Hafjell Alpine Centre, skiers can have a blast skiing down more than 40 kilometers of slopes at varying levels of difficulty. There are a total of 31 different slopes ranging from green slopes (beginner), nine blue slopes (easy) and seven red slopes (intermediate) to four black slopes (advanced). The overall drop on the mountain is 835 metres. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, a great skiing experience awaits you here in Hafjell. The slopes are easy to get to, and the comfortable and efficient Hafjell Gondola transports visitors to the top of the mountain in a flash. Two express chairlifts help make any ski stay at Hafjell filled with as much ski fun as possible. And an additional 15 lifts allow visiting skiers to experience a wide range of varying terrain during their stay. The Hafjell Alpine Centre was built for the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, and there are slopes suitable for professional skiers, as well as families with children and pensioners. Hafjell is easily accessible whether you are travelling via the Oslo International Airport, by boat to Oslo or by car. The car trip from Oslo takes about two and a half hours (2 hours from Oslo International Airport). Hafjell has become Norway’s third largest alpine centre with 400 000 ski days Winter 08/09. Reliable snow conditions The stable inland climate here in Hafjell provides excellent skiing conditions all winter long, with a ski season stretching normally from November to the end of April. The slopes are well-protected against the wind and snow-making equipment covers more than 80 % of the facility. Children at Hafjell The Hafjell Alpine Centre is extremely popular among families with children. The entire region around Lillehammer has plenty to offer kids, such as the specially designed children’s facilities next to the Alpine Centre. The children’s area is located right next to the start of the Hafjell Gondola, where the family’s youngest members can start their ski careers in fun and safe surroundings. A conveyor belt and two T-bar lifts allow kids to choose the skiing challenge appropriate to their skill level. Barneland is Hafjell’s customized arena for children between the ages of 4 and 6 years who want to try skiing for the first time. The ski school at Barneland is based on having fun and taking on challenges at the right level of difficulty in order to develop their skiing abilities. Barnepassen (child care) for the youngest skiers Barnepassen is located next to Barneland and is a place where kids can play in light and cosy rooms featuring a wide selection of toys and games. Barnepassen is for kids between the ages of two and seven. The common thread in all activities and attractions for children at Hafjell is combining play and learning in safe surroundings. Here the kids are able to develop their skiing skills, practice their balance and motor skills and build strength and endurance in fun and suitably challenging settings. Ski Park Hafjell Park is the meeting place for ski jibbers, twin-tippers and snowboarders. Hafjell Park was designed by some of the world’s foremost experts in the field of fun parks, and offers everything a park enthusiast could want. There is also a separate ski-cross course located in connection with the Park. Hafjell Alpine Centre offers night-skiing every weekday with a total of 7 kilometres of floodlit slopes. One ski pass – five resorts The Hafjell Alpine Centre is part of Lillehammer Ski Resorts, which means that you can use your Hafjell ski pass at Kvitfjell, Skeikampen, Gålå and Sjusjøen. In all, the region offers 43 lifts and 113 kilometres of ski terrain on a total of 88 slopes. In addition to the wide range of downhill skiing possibilities, there are approximately 1500 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails, which is the equivalent of about 30 Birkebeiner races. Ski rental Hafjell Ski Rental is located centrally at Skitorget and rents out all the equipment you need for Slalom, Telemark, Snowboard and Nordic skiing. Snowblades, pulks and helmets are also available for rent. Ski School The ski school in Hafjell can introduce you to everything from the most basic ski techniques to the most advanced and modern ski styles. The ski school offers courses in all disciplines and at all levels. Choose between a personal trainer, skiing in groups or take part in one of the ski school’s Snow Camps. Active downhill skiers can also register for the Kjus race school which was established in collaboration with the former top alpine skier Lasse Kjus. Nordic skiing The Hafjell area offers excellent opportunities for cross-country skiers as well. The Hafjell Gondola lifts you quickly up to a spectacular cross-country skiing terrain with reliable snow conditions, and you can choose from among trails in mountain terrain or varied forest terrain. To the south, the local cross-country trails are linked together with Lillehammer’s extensive network of cross-country trails. To the north, you can ski from Hafjell all the way to the Rondane mountain range. So here you can ski as far, wide and high as you like. Winter activities With its unique location next to the Olympic city of Lillehammer, Hafjell can offer a wide range of winter activities besides skiing as well. It would be impossible to mention everything, so here we just highlight a few. Norway’s only winter-open family park is just a few minutes’ drive away from Hafjell. Here you can spend the night in Scandinavia’s southernmost ice hotel and visit a spectacular ice cathedral. Sledging and driving snowmobiles and ATVs are just a few of the other winter activities offered at the family park. Relax, dine and enjoy life Due to the close proximity to Lillehammer, Hafjell can offer overnight accommodation alternatives ranging from quiet forest huts to downtown luxury suites. There is also a large range of ski in/ski out accommodation in huts, apartments and hotels (approx. 4000 beds). Dining possibilities range from a quiet dinner prepared in your own kitchen to a wide range of restaurants and nightclubs. With eight restaurants, four cafes and three nightclubs/discotheque on or close to the slopes, Hafjell has plenty to offer. Lillehammer is just a 15-minute drive away and offers an extensive range of accommodation, dining and nightlife options as well. About Lillehammer: www.lillehammer.com

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