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Life-Link Carbon Pro Ski/Probe Pole


Pros: Light

Cons: Ferrules loosened first season, poor customer service

The Loose Ferrules of My Life-Link Poles.jpg


My email to Life-Link Customer Service


"Problem With Life-Link Carbon Pros

I need your help:  

I purchased Life-Link Carbon Pros new two seasons ago online. They had a great reputation with my friends and on the various sites online including TGR, Epic Ski and Ski The East. Within the first season, the ferrules loosened and would slip down the shaft. I ended up Crazy Glueing them tight several times. They never held. Last season I glued them in place again at a fixed length and sacrificed their adjustability (why I bought them in the first place). I have been very disappointed with their performance and had higher expectations for a pole of this price. I've attached a photo for your review and would appreciate replacement.

Please let me know how you will rectify the situation.
I appreciate your help.
Vin "
Garmont's Reply:
"Hi Vincent,
We need to get some hot melt glue to you - all you'll need to do is heat the glue on something disposable with a heat gun or hair drier until it pools and is clear, brush the glue onto the plastic nose cone and push it into place - you'll need to give the glue about 24 hours to fully dry.
We recommend that you remove the lower shafts when you do this.
Can we send the glue to the address you've provided below?

Thank you!
Garmont, USA
Customer Service Department"



Oh well.




Life-Link Carbon Pro Ski/Probe Pole

Are you a snow geek? Do you read Snow Sense before you go to bed every night? If so, the Life-Link Carbon Pro Ski/Probe Pole will probably give you a raging case of dawn-patrol lust. This intuitive ski pole converts to an avalanche probe, and features ten inches of lockable adjustment and Life-Link s lightweight carbon and oval aluminum construction. Tired of poles that require bare fingers to adjust? This ski pole has a friction zone on the lower shaft to make it easy to adjust with gloved hands. *Includes both trekking and powder ski baskets.

Recommended UseBackcountry, telemark, alpine skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Weight19oz (539g) per pair
Shaft Material[Upper] aluminum; [Lower] carbon
Grip MaterialPlastic
Tip MaterialCarbide
Baskets2 Pair
Extendable Range[Collapsed] 48in (122cm); [Usable] 48-58in 122-147cm
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Black/Silver, Size: 48-58in310005-48702814310121
Color: Black/Silver, Size: 52-62in310005-52
Color: Black/Silver, Size: 44-54in310005-44702814310114
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › XC, Tele, and AT Gear › Backcountry Ski Poles › Life-Link Carbon Pro Ski/Probe Pole