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Leki Trigger S


Pros: Light weight ,great swing feel,well built

Cons: They don't give them away

Technically speaking I think these are a Carbon 14 Trigger S.  Using these versus the regular old ski pole strap takes a little adjustment but once you make it you'll likely never go back. The convenience and the ease of releasing the pole from the strap alone makes these worth looking at.  The grip itself seems to promote a more fluid pole swing in my opinion and it helps that they are very light. Sure you can get along without them but these are one of those nice things to have.  The "binding" type release might come in handy too but I can't say for sure and as far as durability goes we'll have to see how many seasons they last.

Leki Trigger S

Trigger S There are bindings for your feet, so why not hands? LEKI, the world's leading manufacturer of Ski, Trekking, and Nordic Walking poles, introduces the Trigger S grip/strap system. The advanced hand-to-pole interface, which LEKI calls a Ski Pole Binding, will be available for delivery to ski specialty retailers nationwide in fall 2007. Trigger S is a completely new mechanism for strap attachment and release that provides Alpine recreational skiers and racers with convenience, performance and releasability. Trigger S features direct power transfer from hand to pole plant. The hand is firmly connected to the pole with a removable Power strap containing a small yet fiercely strong corded loop that attaches to the back of the pole grip. The pole grip features an auto release system which functions like a ski binding and releases under pressure. It also has a manual release button, helpful when removing poles for the lift ride up. The adjustable Power strap firmly attaches onto any glove or mitten with a hook and loop closure and is included with the purchase of the Trigger S. The integrated loop that attaches to the pole grip so firmly is made of Dyneema, one of the world's stronger fibers used in parachute cord and yacht racing. It has a breaking strength of 500 lbs., is impervious to water and is resistant to ultraviolet light.

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