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LEKI Peak Vario S SpeedLock


Pros: Light, adjustable, trigger

Cons: Possibly Price, hand grips

Just got mine courtesy of a promotive discount. I needed a new pair of poles after my J clip lekis got stolen towards the end of last season. They were an older model with a golden top alum shaft and a narrow carbon lower, I can't remember the exact name but it was limited edition something or other. They were the best poles I'd ever owned so I decided to stay with leki.


I decided to go adjustable this time around as I'm very picky about how my poles fit. With the similar construction and promotive pricing I went with the Peak Vario. It seems well constructed and the adjustable system is an improvement over the system featured on their older model that you had to grip and rotated the shaft to lock. The basket options look pretty nice, hopefully I will switch out for the powder basket a lot this season.


I only have two very minor negatives, and one is my fault. I was un familiar with the sizing system of the carbon shaft so I expected the carbon part to be much narrower like my old poles, but it is a rather thick carbon as opposed to the narrow one I was used to, I will update once I get them on snow to see if this makes a difference. The second is the glove straps. My older ones featured metal snaps and elastic straps while the newer ones have a plastic adjustment system on the thumb. This seems like it could be less durable in the cold and is my only cause for concern with the new poles.


EDIT: Had these on snow for more than a week now, the straps are working out perfectly and the newer S clip system is much easier to get out of than the older J clip. If the latch to adjust height is not tight they do slip a bit but I just tightened them once and havn't had a problem once. Swing weight is nice and they do what poles do... Expensive if you cant get them on some kind of big discount.


Pros: Trigger/Hand attachment, Variable length, no fumbling with straps

Cons: Price, require palm strap on gloves/mittens

I purchased these poles on ebay from seller powder7skis.  Price was $108.99 including shipping, and they were shipped very fast.  


I used them for 4 ski days this week, and I am VERY impressed with these poles.  No more fumbling with pole straps as the engagement is very secure and easy to use.  It should be noted that you need to use the supplied wrist straps on your gloves/mittens for these poles to work properly but after a day's use it becomes second nature.  I really like not having to worry about pole straps anymore.  The straps were always cumbersome to me as I like to wear mittens instead of gloves.  The LEKI Trigger S mechanism works like a breeze.


One time when traversing the pole did "shorten" on me, so I had to readjust the length.  This was probably a result of me not tightening the poles enough to begin with.


Today at Vail I added the supplied powder baskets and it is a pretty difficult task removing the normal baskets and installing the larger powder baskets.  


Overall, these are great poles.  They are pretty expensive, and I'm a bit concerned over their durability.  At this price I don't want to break one, as I did my last pair of poles.


Pros: Easy to get in and out off, light

Cons: Release mechanism

I own an older set of Leki poles, the one that have an elasticized hook for the glove piece.

I had a fall in deep powder that resulted in Skiers thumb. The pole 'binding' DID NOT release. 2 years later it still aches...

Still skiing with them, and would look to upgrade , but am unsure if the new poles do as they should with a fall.

Any input welcome. Also any input as to how to test the present older setup would be appreciated.


Pros: adjustable length, super light, trigger system

Cons: not sure how the bining sytem works but it didnt pop off in a spill i had

i got these poles throught the awesome discount by being an epic supporter. so first off thank you epic. i got the trigger s glove and pole combo these poles are the best super lightweight and adjustable. they just made my day more enjoyable and getting on and off lifts is a breeze. im not sure how the binding system works but when i fell it was annoying to get back up. the only other issue was clipping in was a little annoying at times. i would buy this again in an instant

LEKI Peak Vario S SpeedLock

Grip:Trigger S / SL Shaft:6.5/Carbon Shaft Size:16/14 Basket:Snowflake and Performance Tip:Carbide Length:Adjustable 42-54 inches Warranty:2 Year

Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty2 years
Shaft Materialcarbon fiber
Grip Material
Tip Materialcarbide
Replaceable Basketsyes
BasketsSnowflake & Performance
Breakaway Strapsyes
TypeComposite ski poles
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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