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Le Massif de Petite Reviews

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Great skiing , needs a better park .

 I was in Massif in Feburary, 2009 . The conditions were premium when I was there but the terrain park was small, had very few features ,and most features were small.Everything was really clean , including all three lodges. One of the best things about Le Massif is that when your skiing over the pitch all you see is the St. Lawrence. One of the worst was that there was no village or seperate restaurants . Over all I enjoyed Le Massif , but would have had more fun if there was more " hype"

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Super (my home mountain)


Pros: View, terrain variety, atmosphere, modern equipment, excellent food

Cons: Further from Québec than Mont-Ste-Anne, sometimes windy and icy (hey, we're east !), sometimes crowded on beginner/intermediate slopes

This is my home mountain (I live in Québec City), and it's the best spot around.  Forget Mont-Ste-Anne (too crowded, icy, out-of-control skiers) and drive a bit further. You will be stunned by the beautiful view (you arrive on top of the slopes, and have beautiful view on the St-Laurent river and Appalchans in the south). The mountain in quite isolated and there is not a lot of accomodation, which for us locals is a good thing as this 'controls the crowds'.  Terrain has a lot of variation: groomed, tree, bosses.   Advanced skiers are best on the west side: (double) black diamonds are never crowded, but loose the sun a bit earlier in the day. Contrary to Mont-Ste-Anne and sister Stoneham,...
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Le Massif - magnifique


Pros: pristine sea&ski scenery, long&fast lifts, varied terrain

Cons: no slopeside accommodations, long way from home, worth the trip

     I've only had the pleasure of skiing Le Massif for a couple days in late March 2008, so this is a superficial and impressionistic review. Hopefully, a local will chime in with better details.    Halfway through my first day at Le Massif I already began to think of it as one of the most memorable ski places I'd ever been in 40+ years of skiing the US, Canada and Europe. It has great terrain, fast lifts, and a classy lodge set in a uniquely beautiful mountain-maritime environment.    It didn't hurt that the ski conditions were superb during my late spring visit. They had record setting seasonal snowfall totals (30+ feet) and got a big storm just days before our arrival. Day time temps...
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Nice but not the same


Pros: more runs

Cons: less commoratery

Nice place, great mountain but get rid of the lifts & base lodges. Bring back the school bus which was the only way up & down the mountain in the beginning.....

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In the mid-eighties Jean Chouinard took a group of us visiting ski journalists on a day tour of the area. It was unlike any other ski area (except, in the 21st Century, Silverton) in that you could only ski there with a guide. It was quiet, the snow was fine, and as other commenters have noted, the scenery is wild and the cuisine sublime.

Awesome Skiing


Pros: Great views, friendly people, great atmosphere

Cons: none

Skied here for 2 days in early February. It is a great resort only a 1/2 hour drive from Mont Saint Anne. The scenery is unbelievable and the skiing has something for everyone. The pub is great and the food is unbelievable. You will want to visit this resort in the next few years as they have recently announced expansion plans for the next 3-4 years. You will not be disappointed by this mountain.
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