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Laurel Mountain Ski-Resort

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Pros: Terrain has some potential, great lodge area and atmosphere

Cons: Haven't seen all terrain open yet, limited hours, lift ramp condition

I've been to LM twice now this season and enjoyed the throwback feel this place has, especially the lodge area. It has a very cozy feel to it and the Wild Cat lodge is a nice place to eat and have a drink. I'm in agreement with the the previous reviewer (Laurel Mountain Crazie) about the terrain as I think it has a lot of potential, but only if the natural snow is there.
First trip there was on 12-30-2016 and they only a few slopes were open - this was expected though since we haven't much of a winter so I knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed. I saw the potential though and was really excited to get back to ski more of the slopes, especially the longer blue trail (Dream Highway) that runs along the left side on the mountain (left viewing from a trail map).

Went back on 1-8-2017 after a solid week-long cold spell along with the 4-6 inch snow storm we had in PGH. I was a little disappointed to see they had only opened one more green slope with nothing on the left side open! Still had a good day, but was only limited to the 3-4 trails open. Both 7S and HV had opened plenty more terrain so I was a little confused as to why LM only had the one extra slope open.
I'll be back at least one more time this season, but only when I see they have all their terrain open. Not sure what it would take for them to open Dream Highway as they had a solid foot of snow coming into the second week of Feb and it's still not open.
One complaint I'll air out here is the condition of the off ramp area for the lift - it was covered with so many little stones, twigs, and other debris that it was impossible to find a clear path and avoid scraping up the bases of my skis. This would be acceptable for me if it was super early in the season, or late in the season, but late Dec or early Jan? I'm already having to repair my bases with ptex and I don't want to get a stone grind mid-season. I could see plenty of man made snow piles, so it's just a matter of them getting better coverage on the off ramp area. You think it'd be in their best interest to get coverage here since it's got to be tearing up the bases on the rental equipment. Sorry to rant on this, but it's an easy fix for them IMO.


Overall, I would say it's worth checking out especially if you want a more laid back ski experience. With more of the crowds going to 7S and HV, this is a great option for avoiding the 10-15 minute lift lines at the other resorts.


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