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Lange Super Comp HP - Men's Ski Boot


Pros: Lange, solid flex, lots of adjustment

Cons: Junky liner, Stickers come off

Awesome boot, though it has a terrible liner (yes, even for a race boot).  It was also a little tight on the top of my foot so I took out the sole and now it feels awesome.  The stickers come off though, which is really annoying, after 3 hours the Lange logo was gone.  Overall great boot that I would highly suggest to any racer


Pros: amazing fit and response

Cons: Pain to get on and off

Bought these after owning a set of Lange L10 race from a few years back.
they were good boots that really took my skiing forward from the previous rubbish.

but these  - Much better fit more responsive - so quick into the turn and help keep the grip throughout until you drive out the other side.

supose the only con i have is that after several hard runs the outside of the arche can hurt alot from presure of the turns.  but it doesnt stop me wanting more...


Pros: everything

Cons: ease of entry

I love this boot!!!!  I have the 92mm last and it rocks, comfy, stiff enough for almost any application, superb ski control

Lange Super Comp HP - Men's Ski Boot

Lange made the Men s Super Comp ski boot with a low volume 92/97mm last and a super stiff 140 flex for the most aggressive, hard charging skiers. This boot s asymmetrical volume and Shark Nose profile follow the foot s natural shape for a precision fit. The low volume, stiff-flexing shell ensures lightning quick response and extremely efficient power transmission from foot to boot to ski. Lange gave this boot s buckle catches two positions so the shell can wrap tightly around a variety of foot and lower leg shapes and sizes.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: B9010, Size: 22.0B9010-22
Style: B9010, Size: 22.5B9010-22.5
Style: B9010, Size: 23.0B9010-23
Style: B9010, Size: 23.5B9010-23.5
Style: B9010, Size: 24.0B9010-24
Style: B9010, Size: 24.5B9010-24.53178772328558
Style: B9010, Size: 25.0B9010-25
Style: B9010, Size: 25.5B9010-25.53178772328572
Style: B9010, Size: 26.0B9010-263178772328589
Style: B9010, Size: 26.5B9010-26.53178772328596
Style: B9010, Size: 27.0B9010-273178772328602
Style: B9010, Size: 27.5B9010-27.53178772328619
Style: B9010, Size: 28.0B9010-283178772328626
Style: B9010, Size: 28.5B9010-28.53178772328633
Style: B9010, Size: 29.0B9010-293178772328640
Style: B9010, Size: 29.5B9010-29.53178772328657
Style: B9010, Size: 30.5B9010-30.5
Style: B9010, Size: 30.0B9010-30
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