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Lange RS 130 Ski Boot - Men's

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Pros: Direct input, burly, honest (see below)

Cons: Merciless if poorly fitted; tends to be cold

I actually own and ski the "Wide" version of this boot, from 2013-14.

6'0" 240lbs advanced/expert (not pro-level) skier; 40-50 dpy on Eastern resorts w/ 3-4dpy big mountain resorts.

I'm a recreational skier who has within the last three years become a patroller. I think that's an important data-point, as these boots are race-lineage shells from a race-royalty company with a reputation. I was never a racer. OTOH, I'm bigger than the average skier which makes my inputs more aggressive as a factor of physics.

I find these boots to be stiff enough to handle my skiing on eastern frontside pitches -- ice and rock-hard bumps included. They don't fold up. Edge-to-edge control is on point. They provide "honest" (as another reviewer noted) communication in both directions: what the ski is doing, and what you're telling it. I also find that I need to stay on top of these: like a racehorse, the second you're not telling it what to do, it's doing whateverthef@ck it wants to do. That said, a firm hand (foot?) yields fantastic results, particularly if you want to carve big, ripping lines.  When you drive it, it turns even my work skis into scalpels. The trade-off is that on days I want to play in the trees I tend to buckle them a bit looser in order to provide some ankle flexion independent of input.  

I have had no trouble with "Lange-bang;" I do use the wedges at the back of the cuff, positioned at the mid-point. 

I took these boots to a reputable boot-fitter and frankly need to go back to have a little more room made for my tailor's bunion on both feet. Day one, no problem. Day two, I notice. Day three, torturous. Day four, numb. That's with the wide last, moldable liners molded, shure-foot beds. I wear standard "D" width shoes. Otherwise no hotspots or pressure-points when I'm in skiing position. You don't want to spend a ton of time standing in a lift line with them buckled or you'll start to notice. Which is fine, and a function of their purpose.

They are cold. I have have hottronics insoles installed and they can't make enough headway on the really cold (-10 by the bulb) days to keep my feet warm. They gave me frostbite with enduring hypersensitivity after a day spent standing around for a chainsaw clinic. That said, in humane temps I'm fine. Just don't expect any help from the boots.

Your takeaway from this review should be that these are an exceptional tool for an advanced/expert skier who *skis* and demands precision of input and ultimate reliability in any no-fall environment. If you're hiking, schlepping, or hucking airs, seek out a boot with better stride conformity, cushioning, and warmth.


Yeah I have those but am only intermediate/advanced and go back and forth between those levels.  Despite the fact that they force me to rise to every occasion I do not anticipate switching to another brand or flex come hell or high water.
Its not up to me to baby-sit myself through my skiing life.  At some point, it comes time to grow up and learn to function with less forgiving equipment.  Boom !
High.  I too use this boot - actually, the 130 RS LV, as I'm smaller and thinner than you, probably, and wanted a comfortable race-like carver that was more recreationally oriented than a full on race plug or RS 140 boot.   I really like this, and have taken to using it on powder/bump days as well as frontside carving.   It has replaced the Lange RX 130 LV at this, for me (which is supposed to be the more upright, off piste or play type boot).  I still use both, but the RS more and more (perhaps as the liners gets packed out some, not sure).
On cold feet: I too use the Hottronics, but also w/o enough warmth on really cold days.   I have recently added Boot Gloves as a supplement to the Hottronics, and that seems to have made a big difference, seemingly more so than the hottronics did alone.  You might try it.  It's sold at many ski shops and online:   https://www.amazon.com/DryGuy-02145-Bootglove-Large/dp/B001OPJ6RS/ref=sr_1_1/156-6938420-7473926?ie=UTF8&qid=1484334105&sr=8-1&keywords=boot+glove