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Lange RS 130 Ski Boot - Men's


Pros: Direct input, burly, honest (see below)

Cons: Merciless if poorly fitted; tends to be cold

I actually own and ski the "Wide" version of this boot, from 2013-14.

6'0" 240lbs advanced/expert (not pro-level) skier; 40-50 dpy on Eastern resorts w/ 3-4dpy big mountain resorts.

I'm a recreational skier who has within the last three years become a patroller. I think that's an important data-point, as these boots are race-lineage shells from a race-royalty company with a reputation. I was never a racer. OTOH, I'm bigger than the average skier which makes my inputs more aggressive as a factor of physics.

I find these boots to be stiff enough to handle my skiing on eastern frontside pitches -- ice and rock-hard bumps included. They don't fold up. Edge-to-edge control is on point. They provide "honest" (as another reviewer noted) communication in both directions: what the ski is doing, and what you're telling it. I also find that I need to stay on top of these: like a racehorse, the second you're not telling it what to do, it's doing whateverthef@ck it wants to do. That said, a firm hand (foot?) yields fantastic results, particularly if you want to carve big, ripping lines.  When you drive it, it turns even my work skis into scalpels. The trade-off is that on days I want to play in the trees I tend to buckle them a bit looser in order to provide some ankle flexion independent of input.  

I have had no trouble with "Lange-bang;" I do use the wedges at the back of the cuff, positioned at the mid-point. 

I took these boots to a reputable boot-fitter and frankly need to go back to have a little more room made for my tailor's bunion on both feet. Day one, no problem. Day two, I notice. Day three, torturous. Day four, numb. That's with the wide last, moldable liners molded, shure-foot beds. I wear standard "D" width shoes. Otherwise no hotspots or pressure-points when I'm in skiing position. You don't want to spend a ton of time standing in a lift line with them buckled or you'll start to notice. Which is fine, and a function of their purpose.

They are cold. I have have hottronics insoles installed and they can't make enough headway on the really cold (-10 by the bulb) days to keep my feet warm. They gave me frostbite with enduring hypersensitivity after a day spent standing around for a chainsaw clinic. That said, in humane temps I'm fine. Just don't expect any help from the boots.

Your takeaway from this review should be that these are an exceptional tool for an advanced/expert skier who *skis* and demands precision of input and ultimate reliability in any no-fall environment. If you're hiking, schlepping, or hucking airs, seek out a boot with better stride conformity, cushioning, and warmth.


Pros: Very firm fit. excellent control

Cons: Wide ankle = numb feet.

I really wanted to make these boot work for me, but no matter how much I try I can't go more then 20 minutes before my feet go numb. It issue is the tight, form fitting ankle is compressing the vein above my ankle and cutting off circulation. Ironically the same feature that makes them such a excellent controllable boot, has done me in.


Pros: Fit is great, response excellent. You'll feel the ski and thus the hill. The pull up tonge make in/out easier then one expects with a race boot.

Cons: Spend the extra money to have a real proffesional fit it, too much boot/money to just let a sales person do it. A little tough getting in and out of.

Great hill and ski feel - like a direct connection to the ski. Super responsive yet comfortable but don't look to relax too much using them, you do have to stay fully engaged in the moment or they'll seemingly go off without you (not particularly untypical of this caliber boot, but a bit friskier than the Banchee 9). Might also be me needing to improve too! However they're a very "honest" boot and they have very solid, quick, positive and direct control - but with that said it's clear they are meant to be "directed" by the skier pretty much all the time. Probably some of that is coupled with the performance level of the ski one is on, i.e. performance/race ski's vs. general all mountain rec skis. I'm anxious to get my rec ski bindings adjusted to them one of these days and see if it carries over to them. A bit tough getting in and out of but the front strap helps out. For a race type boot, I find it remarkably comfortable, which I think is one of the reasons it feels so connected. I have heard some criticisms of them in powder snow, but not being much of a powder skier I can't personally say and I'm not sure they're designed for that anyway..


Pros: Best damn boot I have ever had

Cons: No rubber soles

I had to write this review after reading one that didn't exactly "review" the quality or experience of the boot. This is the best boot i have ever owned.  Grew up racing in AK, like to ski very fast and aggressive, 90% off piste.  

The new "natural stance" is something that you feel right away, 4 degrees ramp in boot board, and 12 degrees forward lean.  You can steer the ski with your entire leg/foot as opposed to the old "racer stance" boots of old that I always felt was at the top of the boot/shin.  Not as tiring either, as I am more upright all day as opposed to being "knees bent, ass out" in the lift line.

The fit is amazing, it fits perfect without a lot of work like my Langes of old.  Just go try a pair on to see if it works for you.

Best review I can give is the quality of the liner. I have a 132 days of hard skiing and some back country days in these.  Not even a bit of slop/packing out in the stock liner.

Only modification was I planned and routed the soles and fit vibram toe and heels off an old pair of Banshees.  Once you have rubber soles, you never go back.  Stoked to see Lange for 11/12 has the RX 130 LV- basically my boot with rubber soles already built in.  


Pros: Nice color

Cons: No replaceable heel/toe inserts,cheap strap, buckles.

Me: 6"2, 150 lbs. 58 yrs old, athletic. Advanced intermediate.Low volume foot.Used with Line Prophet 100's.Love powder sking.

Like many people I was skiing in boots that were too big, so I decided to spend the big buckos to get the expertise of a boot fitter.The control is better but I can't say it's revolutionary. For the price I'm not impressed with the quality.Namely the lack of heel/toe inserts, cheap looking buckles and thin booster strap compared to Nordica. Not impressed.

Lange RS 130 Ski Boot - Men's

A burly 130-flex makes the Lange RS Men's 130 Ski Boot the alpha of the RS pack. Slide your foot inside the anatomic liner, wiggle your toes in the expanded toe box, and revel in the easy entry. Lange engineers worked hard to balance the comfort of the RS with the fit-and-finish of technical features found on race-borne boots. When all is said and done, the 130 offers a smooth, powerful ride without crushing your feet, even at full-throttle.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: 30.5B1010-30.5
Size: 29.5B1010-29.5
Size: 28.5B1010-28.53607680993539
Size: 27.5B1010-27.53607680993515
Size: 26.5B1010-26.53607680993492
Size: 25.5B1010-25.53607680993478
Size: 24.5B1010-24.5
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