KUU Pro Fix Base Repair Kit Reviews


Works great


Pros: Easy to use

Cons: check the tip for tightness from time to time

I have been using one for years and it works great on everything from scrapes to core shots

It works great!


Pros: Melts and spreads P-Tex making repairs easy

Cons: Can't adjust temperature

This was purchased for cheap on an ebay auction, so you will have to determine if the price is worth it for your home use as opposed to buying P-Tex candles or powder for cheap.  For shop use it is a no brainer for basic repairs.  The kit consists of a soldering iron with a flat tip, a rest for the hot iron, and some P-Tex strips.  All you have to do is plug in the iron and use the flat tip to melt and spread the P-Tex into the gouge.     Pros: 1) It works great. 2) It is easy to use if you are careful. 3) There are no carbon flakes when using the clear P-Tex, as opposed to burning a candle.   Cons 1) There is no way to control the temperature...
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