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A Review On: Kneebinding Knee Friendly Binding

Kneebinding Knee Friendly Binding

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Pros: As good as any other binding, plus knee protection

Cons: Hard to find

Mounted these on my Gotamas. After a knee injury I switched to snowboarding thinking it would be safer. Now after 4 years, I'm returning to skiing because of these bindings. They give me to confidence to hit it hard again and I couldn't be happier. Because of my nervousness I'm set to a type II skier DIN and although I'm skiing fairly aggressively in all conditions and all mountain, I haven't had an unexpected release yet.

Stepping into them feels positive and just like any other binding I've skied. They ski exactly like the markers I had on the demo Gotatmas. So really there seems to be no sacrifice for these bindings.

Plus I like supporting the small company here. Marker sales reps must take my local ski shop on massive heli-ski trips or something because so they talked badly about Kneebinding but knew absolutely nothing about them. So I called them directly to ask questions and their chairman gave me about 30 minutes of his time explaining their technology, thought that was really nice. Then I gave my business to REI, the only shop carrying them in Seattle.

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!00% agree on the good service. I have Knee bindings on a few skis. When I bought the last skis the shop owner did not sell Knee, so I planned to buy flat and take to another shop. He called Knee, looked into them, and became a dealer.. When he installed mine he said he put the binding through all the tests he could do in the shop and was very impressed. Good luck with yours.