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Kitzbühel Reviews


100 miles of steep slopes and in excess of 55 modern lifts.


Pros: Hahnenkamm Race 3rd weekend in January, large ski resort with connections to several other resorts.

Cons: Rather expensive.

One of the largest ski resorts in the world, rich with Austrian history and a traditional approach to skiing. From a gastronomical perspective, the food and beverages are of a traditional Austrian nature. The Apreś Ski scene is phenominal. There are dozens of bars and clubs in and around the Kitzbühel village. Transport to and from Kitzbühel can be presented with challenges as the directions are all in German. The ski season usually ends, if snow conditions allow for it, end of May.

No shut eye allowed. Truelly for the young at heart!


Pros: Incredible apres ski fun fun fun

Cons: lower elevations can cause heavy conditions

A gorgeous village nice variety of terrain and really fun at night.  Easy to go from bar to bar till find yourself wondering how you are going to get up in two hours and ski all day!

What would this place be like if it hadn't dumped 5 ft of snow?


Pros: Spectacular scenery, few queues, fast lifts, good off piste, big area

Cons: easy pistes, hard to get back to Kitzbuhel village, low elevation, I don't speak Austrian! lol

5 ft of snow in 5 days over a very strong base in the past week. In January 2006, there was almost no snow on the lower slopes.  Off chairs like C1 and C7 (Steinbergkogel) and a few others, I was skiing 40+ degree couloirs that obviously were infested with rocks as the headwalls of some couloirs needed a bit of techinical skiing to navigate around the rocks. In average snow years, as this year has been spectacular so far, I'm pretty sure this would not be skiable. But in conditions like these, when everything is skiable, Kitzbuhel is completely amazing. The pistes are in top conditions with plenty of powder off piste. It is a must-do right now, as in almost everywhere in Europe. The...
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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Resorts & Mountains › European Resorts › Austria › Kitzbühel › Kitzbühel Reviews