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Kimberley Alpine Resort Reviews


Good Local Hill


Pros: Good Vertical, Good nightlife not to far away, great grooming

Cons: severe bottleneck on busy days at the main chair. low average snowfall

Kimberley has spectacular views and really good weather. The grooming is always good due to a lack of crowds most of the time. The park sucks. Similar to Marmot Basin in Alberta, They both get the same annual average snowfall at 400 cm. Really not that mcuh powder days. Also limited steeps, but thats not to say they aren't there. Just hard to find. Excellent family resort with good lodging.

never a lift line


Pros: no crowds, easy shuttle from town

Cons: no serious steeps

Terrain was great for me, just what I like, blues and blacks. It's colder here than much of US skiing so prepare witha proper base layer. This place was never busy and the town made for a great ski trip.