Killington Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Beast Is Back


Pros: Variety of Terrain, Great Tree Skiing, Renewed Emphasis on Snowmaking, Big Improvements in Customer Service

Cons: Still need to know how move around the mountain, Ski it with someone who knows the mountain, older base facilities

The 2012 - 2013 winter was very good to Killington.  With abundant snow, consistent weather, the mountain was the first to open and the last to close in the East.  The Beast of the East, King of Spring, whatever you want to call Killington was back.  A new GM with a focus on snowmaking, operations, and customer service has begun to win back Killington diehards who thought the "mountain" had lost it's way.  The new Peak lodge is scheduled to open by the end of 2013 and after two seasons of no Peak lodge, it will be a welcome addition and the first completely "new" lodge since the opening of the Bear Mountain base area in 1980 (the now defunct Sunrise Base Lodge not...
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Negative Reviews


Not going back


Pros: Quality terrain, great park

Cons: Still Killington

 I was a pass holder for a couple of years during the ASC years. With the new ownership and them not honoring the lifetime pass holders, I chose to boycott the Big K. After 3 seasons I went back. I did notice the place was much cleaner than the past but there was still the lousy mentality in seeing how people attacked the lift lines. The snowmaking and grooming was supposed to be improved, but after skiing Okemo the previous 2 days, they still aren't up to them. The new terrain park "The Stash" was cool in concept but I think the jumps were too big for the proximity to other features and the traffic that comes though the park.  I won't be going back any time soon, I will either go south...
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Pros: big terrain

Cons: poor use of all the space; awkward layout

I went last spring right after a big dump, and I've got nothing bad to say about the snow or the grooming or the employees. But, what struck me was how few runs there were considering it's the biggest area in VT.  LOTS of bumps, so if you're into that, good news.  But it seemed like you sometimes had to negotiate a bump run to get to a groomer -- and that seemed really odd and wrong.  I'm a strong advanced skier who doesn't want to do long bump runs at my age, and I felt limited.  For example, if you didn't want to do Superstar again for the 5th time, you really only had a choice of Ovation, which was steeply bumped up.  When you get off the K-1, it...
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Pros: Great beginner Trail - Jauggernaut

Cons: stays open even if not enough snow, not safety wise; overcrowded, overpriced and over rated

I will make this short - Killington used to be good top to bottom for beginners - with the 10mile Jauggernaut trail, but there was and still is the problem of out of control skiers, long lift lines, ridiculous waiting times for restaurants, and the high prices for everything and anything. There are no great deals and it is overcrowded. I used to like it at KILLINGTON, but I am tired of the mountain's non-concern for its patrons safety. If you want a great skiing experience, I suggest Stratton. Here the snow is always courderoy, grooming is usual, lift lines move quickly, food and nightlife is affordable and fun, you can get some really good deals early, late, and midweek - try Lift Line...
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Solid choice, overall positive


Pros: Varied terrain, lots of snowmaking

Cons: a bit bland in terms of resort personality

  Killington has a massively distributed set of runs for a Northeastern resort, and has tremendous snowmaking capabilities.  Generally there’s a good park.  I’ve been going here for the past 7 years, and it’s a fairly decent option.  The gold nugget that I like here is the run called Julio, but there has only been enough good snow for me to hit this run once in about 30 visits to the mountain.  It’s a steep gladed run that breaks off the side of Launchpad and winds its way down some great terrain, with twists and turns and enough incline to keep you really on your toes.  Sadly, the snow rarely hits this aspect well enough to give good coverage, and I...
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The Beast


Pros: Huge Variety, Great Nightlife, Central Location, Demanding Terrain

Cons: Can be overcrowded sometimes. Needs upgrades--on and off mountain

I grew up skiing this mountain and it's still one of my absolute favorites. The combination of terrain and nightlife make it literally the Beast of the East. I'll break this review down into two categories....on and off mountain. On Mountain: Killington continues to offer the best skiing variety in the East. From classic trails such as the Jug and Roundabout, to steeps like Outer Limits and Ovation, to long cruisers like Great Eastern--Killington offers something for everyone.  The layout has stayed the same for the past 20 so years, but they have done a great job of cutting trees and glading almost everything within bounds. This was a huge step for the mountain and has attracted...
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A nice place if you can avoid the crowds


Pros: Large vertical, long season, some actual challenging terrain

Cons: Often crowded, expensive, hubris

Pros:  Unlike its neighbors to the south (save Magic of course), Killington boasts some legitimate steeps and challenging terrain.  Outer Limits gets the most attention, but I skiing it, I thought Lower Ovation felt steeper.  Both are first class bump runs if they have good snow.  The woods off of the Bear Mountain Quad also proved exciting and had more natural terrain features than someone who imagines Killington as over-manicured might expect.  I also really enjoyed The Jug/Jug Handle.    Cons: It's expensive and can be super crowded on the weekends.  I skied on a Sunday after snow and it was elbow to elbow at some points.  And the...
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Killington -always a good time...


Pros: huge, steep, middle of nowhere, great ride up.

Cons: gotta have the local knowledge for the good stuff

I love Killington.  Been taking the 3 hour trip up there for a while now.  They have plenty to offer for everyone.  The trip up is always scenic through the small Vermont towns.  The mountain itself is huge and gets a good amount of snow.  I park at Bear mountain which I recommend because its out of the way from the busy K1 area.  Then from there we have access to the entire mountain and there is plenty to choose from.  They have a sweet terrain park (Stash) and some awesome trails that even on the busiest days seem to be quiet (Needles Eye).  Also if you wanna do the overnight trip there is at least one good place to stay right down the road for...
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The Beast is the Best in the East


Pros: Good Variety of Terrain, Great Apres Ski Scene

Cons: Crowds, at times

I've grown up skiing the east and spent 5 years skiing the west (Colorado and Utah). Killington is easily the best mountain to ski or ride in New England. It's close to Boston (3 hours), boasts some of the best steeps and bump runs (Outer Limits anyone?) good glade skiing and a plethora of long, steep cruisers to max out on. When your thighs and quads are tired, there is no dearth of available watering holes in Killington to find a brew or drink of your choice. Most establishments have a good band playing and cheap appetizers. There are two night clubs, the wobbly barn and pickel barrel that bring in some great musical acts each weekend. The scene is chill but come prepared to party....
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Kills it in Choices


Pros: Terrain

Cons: too much uphill/ walking

Its pretty simple Killington is the one resort in VT that has it ALL. Steeps, bumps, groomers, trees, and the list just goes on. I have to say the skiing is great but the people are not. The employees have always given me the impression that i owe them something to help me out. I pretty much grew up @ Killington and am not a newbie by any means but am certainly treated like one. Recently Killington has done shady things like cut out their partnership with many ski clubs and nix their great promotions (dollar day) While also adding walking places, hello am I the only person who wants to go down the hill ?? Please Killington hire an engineer and shape your mountain so i can go down it...
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Killington: The Westerners Eastern Resort


Pros: Terrain Variety, Lift System

Cons: Cold Cloudy Weather

Killington is known as the “Beast of the East” for good reason.  While it doesn’t compare favorably with the much larger Western resorts, for Easterners looking for a quick weekend trip or skiers wanting to avoid the hassles of flying, Killington provides one of the best skiing experience available.  Killington does a good job of catering to a wide variety of skiing audiences.  For beginners, stick to areas like Snowshed, Rams Head, Sunrise (exclusively for beginners), and even Pico (Killington’s sister mountain).  The rest of the mountain (Bear, Snowdon, Killington Peak, and Skye Peak) includes a variety of terrain that should keep intermediates and experts happy....
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Big-mountain skiing (without big-mountain snow)


Pros: Never ski the same run twice

Cons: Can you say "Killington krud"?

  East is East and West is West, and the twain meet--sort of—at Killington, for the only big-mountain skiing in New England. The reason is terrain, both in volume and variety. At Killington,with its five peaks, you'll never be small-mountain bored.   Park at Skyeship base for a break from the Access Road, and for a gondola ride long enough to have a mid-station. From Skye Peak, drop down Bearclaw into Wildfire, which will set up with moguls later in the day. Warmed up? Taste the Beast's signature runs, Outer Limits and Devil's Fiddle, if you have the quads for it. Then head up the Skye Peak Quad and down to the Killington Base. If the K-1 gondola is crowded (i.e., if...
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