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K2 V12 Ski Pole

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K2 V12 Ski Pole

Built by K2's Factory Team as the ultimate freeride pole, the V12 Ski Pole's low weight and bomber strength make it ideal for aggressive skiing in demanding terrain. Ten strands of carbon fiber wrap around this pole's composite shaft, combining the lightweight stiffness of carbon with durability only found before in aluminum. A thermoplastic pistol-shifter grip gives secure hold when you're hauling ass, and the chrome accents show up nicely in cover shots.

Recommended UseSkiing, all-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Shaft MaterialCarbon fiber over composite
Grip MaterialPlastic, rubber
Replaceable BasketsYes
Baskets2 Pair, soft and hard snow
Breakaway Straps
Tip Material
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S071411140b, Color: Black, Size: 40S071411140b
Style: S071411152b, Color: Black, Size: 52S071411152b
Style: S071411144, Color: White, Size: 44S071411144
Style: S071411148, Color: White, Size: 48S071411148
Style: S071411146b, Color: Black, Size: 46S071411146b
Style: S071411146, Color: White, Size: 46S071411146
Style: S071411152, Color: White, Size: 52S071411152
Style: S071411140, Color: White, Size: 40S071411140714636158560
Style: S071411148b, Color: Black, Size: 48S071411148b
Style: S071411142b, Color: Black, Size: 42S071411142b714636114078
Style: S071411154b, Color: Black, Size: 54S071411154b
Style: S071411142, Color: White, Size: 42S071411142
Style: S071411150b, Color: Black, Size: 50S071411150b
Style: S071411154, Color: White, Size: 54S071411154
Style: S071411144b, Color: Black, Size: 44S071411144b
Style: S071411150, Color: White, Size: 50S071411150