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K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard - Wide Reviews


T- For Effort


Pros: Powder wheelie champ!

Cons: Explodes

What initially started as an incredible deck, turned out to be a 30 second champion.  Years ago I was a strong supporter of K2 and Ride; with new innovations dating back to the unforgettable K2 Nemesis, K2 Collective Bindings, and everything Ride produced until about two years back.  This business has delivered some solid product.  That said K2 has phoned it in as of late.  On my 20th day with on a 2012, 6.0, Wide Turbo Dream… it exploded due to an impact issue; so capitalizing on a warranty was not a viable option.  This board is a gosh darn treat to ride in powder, but outside of that, this deck is fragile.  It really doesn’t handle groomers all that...
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