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K2 Domain Snowboard Boot - Men's

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K2 Domain Snowboard Boot - Men's

Lace up the K2 Men's Domain Snowboard Boot when you're ready to test yourself all over the mountain. Feel the comfort of the Domain's Thermo-form EVA liner from the pipe to the peak, and get in and out in a snap thanks to a heel pull tab and K2's Fast-In one-pull lacing system. The K2 Domain Snowboard Boot helps you progress on any terrain.

Recommended UseAll-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] Low-Pro cupsole
Lacing SystemFast-In single pull
FlexSoft / Medium
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: B08216070, Color: Black, Size: 7.0B08216070714636233380
Style: B08216110, Color: Black, Size: 11.0B08216110714636233458
Style: B08217140, Color: White, Size: 14.0B08217140714636233632
Style: B08217095, Color: White, Size: 9.5B08217095714636233564
Style: B08217100, Color: White, Size: 10.0B08217100714636233571
Style: B08217110, Color: White, Size: 11.0B08217110714636233595
Style: B08216080, Color: Black, Size: 8.0B08216080714636233397
Style: B08216100, Color: Black, Size: 10.0B08216100714636233434
Style: B08217080, Color: White, Size: 8.0B08217080714636233533
Style: B08217090, Color: White, Size: 9.0B08217090714636233557
Style: B08216105, Color: Black, Size: 10.5B08216105714636233441
Style: B08217070, Color: White, Size: 7.0B08217070714636233526
Style: B08217105, Color: White, Size: 10.5B08217105714636233588
Style: B08216130, Color: Black, Size: 13.0B08216130714636233489
Style: B08216095, Color: Black, Size: 9.5B08216095714636233427
Style: B08217085, Color: White, Size: 8.5B08217085714636233540
Style: B08216090, Color: Black, Size: 9.0B08216090714636233410
Style: B08216115, Color: Black, Size: 11.5B08216115714636233465
Style: B08217115, Color: White, Size: 11.5B08217115714636233601
Style: B08217120, Color: White, Size: 12.0B08217120714636233618
Style: B08216140, Color: Black, Size: 14.0B08216140714636233496
Style: B08217130, Color: White, Size: 13.0B08217130714636233625
Style: B08216085, Color: Black, Size: 8.5B08216085714636233403
Style: B08216120, Color: Black, Size: 12.0B08216120714636233472