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K2 Cinch CTC Snowboard Binding

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K2 Cinch CTC Snowboard Binding

The K2 Cinch CTC Snowboard Binding s dropping highback makes getting into and out of these bindings a, um, cinch. The K2 CTC works like this: After putting in your boot and using the speed ratchets to get the ankle and toe straps adjusted how you like them, you drop the highback, which pushes forward the ankle strap. Then pull your boot out, and get on the chairlift. Once at the top of the hill, slide your boot back in, and push the highback into place. The padded straps form around your boots for a snug fit without pressure points put the toe strap over your boot or in front, depending on your preference. K2 refined and cored out this season's C1 Chassis , which significantly reduces the Cinch CTC's weight.

Recommended UseProgressing snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
HighbackCored Ergo (nylon polymer)
Strap[Ankle] Caddy; [Toe] Tool-less Universal
BaseplateC1 Chassis (fiberglass-reinforced nylon)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: B08503294, Color: White/Black, Size: MB08503294714636230822
Style: B08503196, Color: Black, Size: LB08503196714636230808
Style: B08503194, Color: Black, Size: MB08503194714636230792
Style: B08503298, Color: White/Black, Size: XLB08503298714636230846
Style: B08503198, Color: Black, Size: XLB08503198714636230815
Style: B08503296, Color: White/Black, Size: LB08503296714636230839